Love Doesn't Make You Blind ... It Reveals Your Truest Self

It's commonly said that love is blind. Admittedly, there's a euphoria that surrounds the beginning of a new relationship. However, the experience doesn’t have to be void of sound judgment.

Personalities, preferences and circumstances shape the course of any union.

However, there are some core principles that may help to keep a healthy relationship on track by combining the best of heart and head sense. Here are three of those guidelines.

1. Don’t give away your entire self.

The popular belief is to give your heart “away.” Though intended figuratively, many take it to mean that their core is entrusted to the care of the other party. Though we practice vulnerability in a loved one’s presence, this does not mean we hand over the essence of who we are at our own expense.

Don’t give away the best part of yourself. Share it, instead.

2. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Being responsible for someone else’s happiness is a huge burden to bear. Being a part of each other’s happiness is a given, but that's something created individually and co-created as partners.

Your happiness should never be left in the hands of someone else or you will always be at their mercy. Your happiness depends on your choices. In this scenario, it is the choice to be with someone who honors your soul. Ultimately, this responsibility lies with you.

3. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, but it has to work for you.

A relationship doesn’t have to look like the expectations of society. It also doesn’t have to fit the desires of your family. It doesn’t have to satisfy the needs of others.

What a healthy relationship has to do is speak to your deepest being: not your insecurities, not your wounds, not your expectations. Do not mistake these things for your true nature or you will be led astray. A relationship only needs to resonate with your soul. That is the only compass you will ever need when it comes to love.

Truth be told, these rules are general guidelines for life. However, when it comes to relationships, too many of us throw sense out the window for romantic notions. It may appear to be a matter of semantics, but the words we choose shape our experience. The language we often use for love leads us to believe and act differently than in other circumstances.

Contrary to popular belief, love does not make you temporarily vacuous. Love does not make you blind. Real love helps to wake you up to your truest self. Remember these “rules” and your journey will be much more fulfilling as you choose to love consciously.

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