A New Trend In England? Bars That Don't Serve Alcohol

What do you do on a Friday night if you're trying to stay sober? Where do you go if you want to cut back on alcohol?

A new trend in Britain — notoriously, a country of heavy drinkers — is here to help us find out whether dry bars are the answer to the quest for a fun-filled, sober Friday night.

Sobar, an alcohol-free alternative bar in Nottingham, is mixing up Rhubarb Mimosa, Elderflower Shampagne and Strawberry Daiquiri mocktails for its crowd, alongside smoothies with shots of wheatgrass and Dandilion and Burdoch cordials.

And over at The Brink, in Liverpool, guests can order fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices alongside those sipping "Nojitos."

Patrons won't just be enjoying these beverages for themselves. The Brink's profits fund support for those suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

Similar establishments are cropping up elsewhere in the country as the trend seems to be gathering steam ... and we're excited to see where it takes us! What do you think?

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