Stop Obsessing About A Bikini Body & Start Loving Life. Here's How

Written by Christine Lellis

The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb. – Diana Vreeland

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because every minute you spend reading this is a minute you could be busy rocking that bikini. And isn’t that why you’re here? Nothing says confidence like a bikini, so here’s how to feel truly confident the next time you step out on the beach.

1. Don’t diet.

There is nothing quite as anti-fun as dieting. Diets completely ruin our self-confidence. They're a constant reminder that you feel you’re not good enough as you are. In addition, there’s extensive research about the long-term damage that dieting causes to our bodies and our emotional well-being.

Instead, focus on listening to your body’s hunger and fullness signals. Once I started listening to what my body really wanted, I realized that it knew exactlyhow much food it needed to maintain a happy, health (bikini ready!) weight without diets or “watching what I eat."

Tune in to what your body is asking for, whether it’s a salad or a burger and fries, and your body will take care of the rest.

2. Detox (from the media).

Nothing will tank your bikini confidence faster than laying by the pool reading a perfectly photoshopped fitness magazine. We blame the media for perpetuating impossible standards, yet we keep consuming it. Step away.

I canceled subscriptions to magazines that made me feel crappy about my body, and started reading more books and travel magazines. I was even inspired to start my own magazine.

Bonus: you’ll have so much more interesting stuff to talk about, and if you really have to know what Kim and Kanye are up to, you can always ask.

3. Fake it until you make it.

We know that feelings influence body language, but recently, the opposite is also true. For example, we smile because we’re happy, but did you know that smiling could also make you feel happier?

The same applies to confidence. By taking on a confident posture, we can not only affect how others see us, but also how we see ourselves. Sit up straight, channel Wonder Woman, and you’ll soon be feeling like the hot babe you are.

4. Instead of getting jealous, give compliments.

So often, we walk around checking out other women and thinking, “Why can’t my butt look like that?” “Her stomach is so flat.” Instead of dying of jealousy, pause for a moment. Realize that there is another woman somewhere who is dying of jealousy wanting something you have. I’ll never forget a few years ago I was hanging out at the lake with a good friend of mine (who I would have killed to look like).

I was standing there wishing I looked as awesome as her and she interrupted my thoughts with one of the best body compliments I’ve ever gotten. I was totally dumbfounded. Make a habit of complimenting other women when you notice something you really like. You’ll make someone else feel great, and you’ll notice you start being kinder to yourself as well.

5. Get out of your head.

We sometimes forget how much time we spend thinking, analyzing, and worrying about how we look in our bathing suit. Be mindful of your thoughts. See if you can check in more with your physical body.

Notice how the sun feels, splash in the water, enjoy some delicious drinks, rub in suntan lotion, play in the sand. When those thoughts start creeping in, it’s OK to simply tell them, “Not now, I’m too busy having fun” and move on.

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