Tyra Banks' Creepy Vision Of Beauty In The Future

When you look into the future, what do you see? Well, if you’re Tyra Banks, you see a world where getting “plastic surgery will be as easy and quick as going to the drugstore for Tylenol.”

Those who are wary of undergoing plastic surgery, she says, will just pop beauty ingestibles instead. Pills will deliver everything from arched eyebrows, to higher cheekbones, to longer hair.

These are just some of many predictions about the future made by America’s Next Top Model’s co-creator and host as part of a Wall Street Journal series called “The Future of Everything.” (Other contributors to the series include Mark Zuckerberg and Taylor Swift.)

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel also believes that everybody will have a “personal robot/assistant/companion” and that selecting traits for future babies will be like choosing menu items at a fast-food drive-through window.

And the future of Ms. Banks' own industry? “Models will be as relevant as a horse and buggy,” she says. Instead, avatars will showcase products around the world.

The beauty standard too will change. Because of food scarcity, the most desirable shape for a woman will be a curvy, hourglass figure, a marker of someone who can afford plentiful amounts of healthy food despite the global warming crisis.

And the new target demographic for the beauty industry of the future will be … men, who will represent 70% of worldwide cosmetic sales and plastic surgeries.


“Men will be vying for women's attention, obsessed with being attractive to females and snagging well-off ladies who can take care of them.”

In the meantime, women will be in charge of everything, including when they can have children, which will be up to age 120. No wonder food scarcity will be a problem!

Suddenly, the present really does seem like a gift!

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