In A Relationship? 7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips You Need To Know

Written by Jayme Barrett

Committed? Hooray! Perhaps you’re still high from your honeymoon escapades or you've recently pledged your love and decided to move in together. Combining two households and two different people's worldviews into one, new home together is exciting but can also be stressful.

Agreeing on where to place a favorite piece art, a Buddha collection and the big screen television may call for new negotiating skills. By implementing the art of feng shui, you can create harmony and happiness into your new love nest.

Feng shui is the art of arranging your environment to support you in living a happy, loving and successful life. It gives you simple rules for furniture arrangement, organization, color, nature enhancers and artwork that enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the house. When your home is properly energized, it can have a direct impact on your prosperity, health, love and romance!

Since your bedroom is the space for connection, rest and rejuvenation, it’s the most important room to focus on in the beginning. Below are some tips for creating a loving boudoir:

1. Invest in a new mattress (you don't want the energy of prior companions!) and place your headboard on a solid wall where you can see the door.

The East is beneficial because the rising sun can energize you as you wake. A wooden headboard brings the energy of nature and grounding which helps you feel supported at night.

2. Clear all clutter from the bedroom.

For proper rest, remove all work projects and bills. Do not put anything under your bed. Energy must circulate around you as you sleep. Also, a multitude of books can cause over-stimulation and keep you up at night so keep books to a minimum.

3. Display a romantic picture directly across from your bed.

It's important because it’s the first image you see in the morning and the last image before sleep. Joyful vacations, wedding or honeymoon photographs are a great choice as well as places you would like to visit together.

4. Incorporate the color pink to open and soften your partner’s heart.

Red, magenta and burgundy will spice up your love-making.

5. Curate what you keep in the room.

Remove all items from a past relationship or any item that represents a negative thought, situation or memory.

6. Arrange items in pairs to strengthen the energy of a couple.

You can place two red candles, two picture frames or a sculpture of a couple in an embrace. Remove all pictures of single women or solitary figures.

7. Bring nature indoors by adding at least one plant in the room.

Make sure it has rounded leaves and is healthy. Plants create harmony and reduce stress.

Creating a home that bursts with positive energy is a must when beginning a new life together. Following these feng shui guidelines will help you feel connected to your partner and happy to be sharing a home with him/her. Dedicate your bedroom to your love, intimacy, rest and blissful sleep.

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