Subsidizing Sickness

You ever wonder why a hamburger at Mickey D’s costs less than a head of romaine lettuce?

Strange, no?

You may not know it, but you’re actually subsidizing the production of that hamburger and keeping it nice and cheap. Yep. Every year we all chip in billions of dollars in subsidies that go into the production of corn and soybeans[1] that’re fed to the (factory-farmed) animals that get (inhumanely) slaughtered and served to us through the local drive thru.

Now, if those hamburgers were nourishing us, those subsidies might not be all that bad. But, we *scientifically know* that the overconsumption of animal products is one of THE primary causes of all the diseases that’re crippling our world. It’s literally insane. We’re subsidizing the creation of sickness.

What’s most ironic (and incredibly annoying) is the fact that we’re not only subsidizing the destruction of our health we’re also subsidizing the “cure” of these ailments that could have been avoided in the first place.

*silently mumbles “WTF?!” … scratches head … sighs *

Well, at least the meat and dairy factory farms and pharmaceutical industries are profiting enormously at our collective expense, eh?


I say it’s time for us to pull our heads out of our collective asses and do something about this. Like now.

[1] Check out Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s essay on “Taxpayers” in Moby and Miyun Park’s great little book Gristle: from Factory Farms to Food Safety - Thinking Twice about the Meat We Eat.

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