10 Signs You're Not Willing To Settle For Less In Life

Have you always heard you were "unique" or "eccentric?" Have statements like "a bit different" or "she dances to the beat of her own drum" been made about you? Have you felt like the odd duck, the black sheep, or the outsider?

If you recognize any of the following signs, it may be the case that, rather than being an outsider, you're actually one of the world's change makers!

1. You feel you're in this world for a purpose.

You know you're here for a reason bigger than yourself. You feel you have a mission to achieve in this lifetime.

2. You have a perpetual sense of frustration and restlessness when you don’t know what your purpose is or how to put it in action.

You can feel panicky or like something is missing, and can spend many hours and years trying to figure it out, learn more, understand and master a skill set for your purpose.

3. You have a longing, a real ache, to make life better for others.

This often feels overwhelming and urgent.

4. You are highly creative and have the ability to see possibilities and solutions for every problem.

You are the person people come to when they need help solving problems, and at work you're likely the person who is known to be the best "crisis manager" or "problem solver."

5. You have a strong sense of empathy and an intense connection to animals or the environment.

You may be an advocate for animal rights, or have an uncanny ability to find every stray animal that exists, no matter where you are. You get a sense of rejuvenation and peace from being in nature.

6. You have a desire and need to connect with people in meaningful ways, and an equivalent need for periods of solitude.

These polarities often leave others baffled or hurt. You are often confused by your own call for solitude and try and push through.

7. You often feel different from everyone else, and have periods of intense loneliness.

You can be a part of the crowd, surrounded by wonderful people, and yet feel like you are standing outside of it all, a distant observer. Deep down you just feel different. You often long to know others who just "get you" and find that place where you belong.

8. You can't sit on the sidelines of life.

When something touches your heart, you must find a way to shape and influence and improve the situation. It can feel physically painful not to act or to be unable to change a situation.

9. You don’t do status quo.

Statements like “It will always be with this way" make you cringe. For you, status quo is never to be accepted without question or exploration.

10. Despite all the darkness and ills of the world that break your heart, you have a deep reservoir of hope.

You often feel disillusioned, disempowered and shattered by the world, but something inside, a deeper wisdom, a constant spark of hope always emerges.

If these signs ring true for you, congratulations! You are a Change Maker. Welcome to the tribe.

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