7 Things Passionate People Do Differently

Passion is like pink salt: add a dash of it to anything and a once-bland experience starts to taste amazing. But while so many of us aspire to passionate lives, very few of us truly bring it to our everyday moments. We’re leaving what could be an outstanding trip to the coffee shop, or an ecstatic subway journey in the forgotten pile of humdrum moments.

So what’s the secret to having passion and being one of those adorably electric people? Read on below to find out what passionate people embrace as a way to keep their fires burning ...

1. Their natural sexiness

Add some sparkle to your outfit or flash to your suit and move through the world knowing how sexy you really are. Take the Brazilians and the Spanish as examples: adding some extra romance to your day and dancing in the street keeps passionate people alive.

2. The beauty of other people

It’s way easier to stay passionate when you know you're surrounded by amazing people. What’s special about the guitarist playing in the subway? What makes your boss tick? Why is your significant other a magnificent human? Dwelling on the awesomeness of those around us is the key to staying passionate.

3. Their soul’s mission

It might not be how you make money, it might not even be something massive, but passionate people know what they came here to do, and they do it every day. It might be to spread love, it might be to change politics, but staying in the flow of their deepest calling keeps them on fire.

4. Food!

We eat a lot every day. Turning eating into a celebratory feast of the senses and getting excited about the taste and look of the food gives you a good excuse to be passionate three times a day.

5. Their relationships

Giving genuine compliments, taking care of the people dearest in your life makes them feel adored. The strength of those relationships, and knowing that you’ll never be lonely because you’re deeply loved keeps passion alive.

6. Dancing and physical activity

Going crazy on a dance floor or biking through the desert keeps that sparkle in the eyes of passionate people. Doing adventurous and moving things keeps energy from getting stagnant in your life — the enemy of passion!

7. Nature

Falling in love with the sunsets, the beauty of trees means there's a constant reason to be excited about the world. Passionate people don’t just walk under the stars, they rave at them and blow kisses to the universe. Get over your inner cool kid and be as hyped up about nature as you naturally feel — we are on a glorious planet, after all!

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