Anthony Hopkins' 75 Pound Weight Loss Secret

At age 72, Sir Anthony Hopkins is looking pretty svelte as he's shed 75 pounds over the past two years. So how'd he do it?

He tells Cindy Adams at the New York Post:

I lost too much, 75 pounds in two years. But I gained a little back in Europe. I was addicted to bread, cookies, whatnot. I love all the bad stuff. My wife's no dictator, but she said I must stick to a regimen. So I'm in the gym six days a week, I power walk, live on 800 calories a day. No pasta. No seconds. A sandwich occasionally. Now I'm a health nut. I can't get back into my wardrobe. I gave it all away to some mission. I tried tailoring the pants but they look ridiculous.
800 calories a day isn't many calories at all. In fact, it might be too little! Nonetheless, Sir Anthony is looking pretty good!

Photo credit: Shutterstock
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