5 Awesome Reasons For Couples To Exercise Together

mbg Contributor By Naomi Teeter
mbg Contributor
Naomi Teeter is a nutritionist and health and wellness coach practicing in Spokane, Washington. She has a bachelor's in psychology from Gonzaga University.

Are you thinking about starting a workout routine, and you’re trying to get your partner to join you? Share this list with them, and watch your love — and your health! — grow:

1. You’ll always have a workout buddy.

Are you someone who absolutely has to have another person to be accountable to when it comes to sticking to a workout regime? If you know someone is waiting for you to show up at the gym, are you more likely to lace up your sneakers?

If your partner is counting on you to wake up at 6 am to go for a morning jog with them, you are less likely to let them down by sleeping in. A workout buddy is also great for the sake of security, as running alone could increase the risk of being hit by a vehicle, injuring yourself, or being abducted. Running in pairs is a safer option!

2. You'll a healthy example for others.

When other people see you working out with your partner, they tend to admire your dedication to the workout and to each other. Seeing and being around a healthy couple that regularly exercises together will inspire other couples to come closer and start reaching their goals together, too. If you have children, you're also encouraging them to stay active when they see their parents making a point to exercise consistently and making it fun.

3. You'll expose yourself to a variety of exercises.

Let’s face it, you and your partner are not always going to want to take part in the same activities all the time. Maybe you enjoy running, but she loves cycling. Working out with your partner is great for overuse injury prevention. By getting variety into your workouts, you have the ability to strengthen your weak areas. You may not always love the activities your partner chooses to do, but it's still good exercise and great bonding time.

4. You'll accomplish goals together.

There's nothing sweeter and more satisfying than crossing the finish line at a race with your partner by your side. Pushing your physical body to the limit of what you believe is possible and sharing the moment with your partner is a great gift to treasure. When you accomplish fitness goals together, you build up each other’s self-esteem and confidence so that you can keep working toward other goals.

5. You'll make memories of adventure to last a lifetime.

You’ll have your ups and downs when you exercise with your partner. I learned a few years ago that it’s best to not set expectations, but to instead think of each workout as an adventure. There will always be something unique or challenging about your workouts together. Be sure to be in the moment and cherish it. Take some photos while you're at it. You're making memories that will last forever with the one you love.

Are there additional benefits that you noticed from working out with your partner? Please share!

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