5 Thoughts To Stop Thinking If You Want A Better Life

On any given day, the average person will have over 50,000 thoughts. Of these, over 80% can be negative. If you want to clean up your life, start by cleaning up your thoughts.

In doing research for my next book, The Mental Makeover, as well as coaching clients, I have identified some of the top self-sabotaging thoughts that keep us from being happy.

1. Stop thinking you should be happy all the time.

Without the contrast of the ups and downs of life, we wouldn’t know what real happiness is. Embracing each emotion as it comes will help you feel more peace. Let go of happiness as a permanent way of life, and learn to be present in the journey.

2. Stop thinking you are not where you are supposed to be.

Consider that things don’t happen to you, but they happen for you. What if everything in your life right now is there to help you get to where your soul really wants to be? Instead of resisting what is, accept it. The universe cannot mess up your big picture plans, trust the process.

3. Stop thinking you are damaged or did something wrong.

Those things you call mistakes are actually opportunities to grow. Stop regretting the past and looking at what didn’t pan out. Start to focus your attention on the good.

4. Stop thinking you don’t belong.

No single person is created the same. This creates huge differences that make us feel alone and left out. If you struggle to feel like you belong know that you are not alone. Every other person on the planet feels the same way, which makes us united in our differences. Embrace your unique self; the world needs you as you are.

5. Stop thinking your problems are part of you.

Many of us identify with our problems like the skin on our bodies. Your problems are not part of you. Allow them to come and go and don’t identify with them. Instead of focusing on your problems, be led by the desires in your heart. The more you focus on what you want, the less of what you don’t want will pursue.

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