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6 Ways To Deal When You're Bored With Your Life

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Do you feel "blah" in an area of your life? Maybe your career doesn't inspire you anymore or your personal life feels stale and unfulfilling. If you've tried to make a change and pursue more of your passions but found yourself stumped thinking, "Wait, what is my passion?" you're not alone. Here are six ideas for getting back in the groove and restoring some excitement to your life:

1. Do one thing out of the ordinary each day.

Doing something as simple as shopping at a new grocery store or biking instead of driving can work can do wonders to shift your mindset. And soon enough, these small changes could ladder up to bigger ones.


2. Have a difficult conversation you're avoiding.

If you are constantly grumbling about someone in your life, it's probably draining you of a lot of energy. Don't resign yourself to the idea that your relationship with that person has to be fraught. No matter how uncomfortable it may feel to have a conversation with them about what's bothering you, it is probably more uncomfortable in the long run than not to have it.

3. Write a nightly gratitude list.

When you are bored, bummed, or burnt out, your mind gets trained to see the worst. Writing down what you're grateful for can help train your mind to find the best in things instead. You don't necessarily need to write a gratitude list about your troublesome area (career, marriage, etc.) if you don't want to. Any gratitude list will do.

4. Mind your body.

During a time in life when I was bored, bummed, and burnt out, my automatic reaction was to gorge myself on a pan of brownies to feel better. And the result, predictably, was that I would feel better for 15 minutes and then feel a heck of a lot worse. Once you make healthy eating and steady exercise a priority, your body and mind will thank you for it.


5. Write up one dream per day.

Give yourself permission to daydream about what a more exciting life would look like for you. Really go for it and tap into where you are, what you're doing, and who you're surrounded by. These daydreams don't have to be a direct road map, but they'll give you license to just play and potentially discover some new passions.

6. Survey the people in your life about your best qualities.

When we're bored, it's easy to lose sight of who we are. You may feel down on yourself, not confident in your abilities, and doubtful that you could find something better. To thwart this idea, ask people who know you well about what your best qualities are. You'll likely be surprised by some of their answers. Getting back in touch with who you are will help you feel proud, and pride and passion are related.

These tools will help you fend off the passion vampires and get back in touch with that fire that is inside you.

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