3 Dates That Will Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

After being in any relationship for long enough, you take for granted that you know all there is to know. And to some degree that’s true … you learn that when they're extra quiet in the morning it means that they're stressed about the day ahead. You learn how to recognize that look that they make when they're really hungry and exactly when and how to hug them in the middle of fight.

But just as many things stay the same, the reality is that there are equally many aspects of us that will change over time. We grow, we experience new things, our perspective shifts, and our priorities get rearranged. There's always more to know about each other but unfortunately somewhere along the relationship road people stop asking questions and begin to assume that it’s all the same.

Aside from the obvious conflict that comes from making assumptions, there is a bigger danger ... missing out on the joy of getting to know your partner all over again.

But what we forget is that the possibilities of a truly intimate relationship are endless. By just opening your mind to the idea that there's still more to learn about each other, you can keep your relationship fresh and stay connected through whatever changes may come!

Here are three simple date night ideas to help you rediscover a sense of wonder and curiosity about your partner today:

1. Act like strangers.

Agree to meet each other somewhere public and “meet” for the first time again. Whether it’s the local grocery store or at a night club, dust off those flirting skills and pick up your significant other.

You have to really commit to playing the role of strangers but if you can do it, you'll be rewarded with an opportunity to recreate the spark of a first date all over again ... and who knows where the excitement of reconnecting might take you later that night.

2. Visit a new place together.

Break out of your old routines and visit a new place together. Whether it’s a new hiking trail or a new restaurant, go somewhere that forces you both outside of your usual comfort zone. The new setting will help you to stay engaged and interested rather than relying on old habits and assumptions. It’s also a great conversation starter as you both explore a fresh experience together.

3. Role play.

Role playing isn’t just for spicing up your sex life. Turn the tables on each other and take on a different role in your typical date night plans. If you’re usually the planner, sit back and let your partner take the lead.

If you both usually opt for low-key and casual, switch it up and do something fancy or adventurous. This is another opportunity to explore a side of yourselves that you don’t let out regularly. Have fun with it and pay attention what new things you discover about each other and yourself.

Now, get out there and go have some fun with the person you love!

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