The Only 5 Products You'll Ever Need For Glowy Skin

I used to spend a fortune on face care products. Anti-aging creams, moisturizing lotions, firming serums, anti-puffiness gels, exfoliators for dry cheeks, pads for the oily T-zone, anti-blemish blends … you name it, it was in my bathroom cabinet.

Of course, I knew that marketing claims tend to be a little exaggerated, but who doesn't want a flawless complexion?!

Unfortunately, all my magic elixirs didn't work as promised. Quite the contrary, they actually made my skin worse. Dryer. Duller. Blotchier.

Until one day I got rid of all my expensive jars, bottles and tiny capsules and replaced them with organic vitamin cures, DIY concoctions and herbal remedies. I wanted to start from scratch the all-natural way.

Today I'm completely happy with my skin and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that good skin care doesn't need to be complicated or expensive.

These are the only five products you'll ever need for beautiful skin:

1. A mild cleanser

No matter what label says: I have never come across a foaming cleanser that did not somehow irritate my skin.

Foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate strip away your skin's natural oils and leave it dry, brittle or taut. Also, they can cause blemishes or skin rashes because your skin's natural balance is completely disturbed.

If you really want naturally beautiful skin, find an organic product which doesn't foam: try oil or cream cleaners, or simply use water and a microfiber washcloth.

How often you should use: twice a day

2. An all-natural toner

Our skin's pH is pretty delicate and can be disrupted by many different things: beauty products, a lack of sleep, a poor diet, too much stress, pollution etc.

A simple, all-natural toner which helps you manage your skin's pH is apple cider vinegar. Simply mix one part organic apple cider vinegar with 2 to 4 parts water, pour on a cotton pad and use like regular toner.

Bonus: If used regularly, the anti-bacterial properties of ACV also fight acne and can even lighten age spots to some extent.

How often you should use: twice a day

3. A vitamin exfoliator

Even though your face wash and toner already do a good job cleansing your skin — in order to remove dead cells and give you an even complexion, you also need to exfoliate.

My favorite vitamin exfoliators contain vitamin C and/ or salicylic acid:

Simply mix a teaspoon of ascorbic acid (vitamin C powder) with some almond milk until you get a nice paste, massage it into your face with a little brush and rinse with lukewarm water.

Another idea: Mash two to three strawberries with a fork until you get a paste and rub onto your face. Rinse with cold water.

How often you should use: Once or twice a week.

4. Sunscreen: the most effective anti-wrinkle protection

Exposure to UV radiation is said to be responsible for 80 to 90% of the symptoms of premature skin-aging.

So why not simply make it a habit to use an all-natural sunscreen on your face before leaving the house in the morning?

On workdays, when I don't spend too much time outside, I use a mixture of 8 parts sesame oil and 1 part carrot and raspberry seed oil each to protect my face from UV radiation and the wrinkles that go with it.

Of course, this does not provide sufficient protection for a longer stay outside in bright sunlight. On cloudy or winter days, however, it's a great alternative to day creams with no SPF at all.

How often you should use: daily.

5. A moisturizing night cream or stay-on face mask

The final touch you need for gorgeous, plumped-up skin is a moisturizer to use in the evening so that it can do its magic at night.

This can be an organic, store bought product, a DIY cream or a "stay-on" face mask which is not rinsed but only wiped-off the face.

There are plenty of all-natural options for all kinds of skin types and, personally, I like to vary my night care depending upon how much extra moisture my skin needs.

If it's really dry, for example, I like to use avocado oil.

How often you should use: daily.

Naturally, I also pamper my skin with an occasional face mask or peel to make sure it looks even, rosy and plumped and a healthy lifestyle is crucial, too. For my daily or weekly skincare needs, however, the above products are the only ones I use and my skin has never felt or looked better.

I'd love to know below which products you use to make your skin glow!

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