How To Fall Deeply In Love, Even If Your Heart's Been Broken

Written by Tom Cronin

Oh the pain, the ache, and the sorrow of a broken heart. Recently I mentored a number of students, and many of them saying they had fallen in love with their partners ... then fallen out of love with them.

But does falling in love or falling out of love need to involve another person? What if it didn’t? What if this was really a reflection of your relationship with yourself?

Lets drop the "falling" part of this phrase and simply be in love with ourselves. That is, be totally immersed in the essence of our lovingness. When we rely on the attention and proximity of another person to be "in love" or "out of love" we disempower ourselves and leave feelings of love totally dependent on someone else..

Love is inexhaustible. It's always burning like a raging fire within you. Yes, other people can stoke that fire, but the fire is yours, not theirs. Stoke that fiery furnace of inner love in your heart center every day, and you will walk ALWAYS in love, regardless of who is giving you their attention. This is empowerment!

Here are five tips to help you ignite your inner fire of love:

1. Meditate daily.

When you meditate, you get out of your head and into your heart. Our loving heart center is always there, but our minds and thoughts distract us with the future and past.

2. Visualize.

After your daily meditation, bring your awareness to the radiant glow of love in your heart space. Feel that energy there. If you think more regularly of the love in your heart, love will be your reality.

3. Spend time in nature.

When you're there, pause, look at the intricate detail of a leave, feel the breeze brush your cheek, smell the damp earth or sea breeze, hear the tweets of the birds and feel love for the Divine expression in you and all around you.

4. Repeat affirmations daily.

The content if our minds is usually 60% negative. Each day, create new thoughts about your true essence. Affirmations are statements about the NOW. Some examples would be:




5. Nourish yourself with yoga, exercise and healthy food.

Treat yourself to the highest quality life you can manage. Remind yourself each day that you are worthy of living the most dynamic vibrant existence. When you're aligned with this and nourish yourself with healthy living, it will become your reality!

Being in love or out of love is something we all ultimately get to choose, and it doesn’t have to depend on another person. When you’re IN LOVE, your relationships will change for the better anyway.

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