Are You Being True To Your Goals? Do This To Find Out

It’s June. Can you believe it? When this year began, you probably set some goals for yourself and formed a picture of how you wanted this year to look. Is your year starting to take shape and move you in the direction you'd hoped? Or are you freaking out because half of the year is up? You still have plenty of time to achieve some goals, and finish the year strong. Try a mid-year review to reignite your spark for the second half of the year.

It's not too late to make changes.

Just think, you have six more months to chase after your goals. That's a lot of time to make progress! No matter where you are today, just act like June is January and reconnect to those goals. Picture yourself at the end of the year, celebrating what you've achieved.

Write down your goals and be specific.

Sounds picky, but if your goals are vague like “get healthy,” they are harder to achieve. Writing down “get my cholesterol level in a healthy range through daily exercise and clean eating” is much more specific. Go into that level of detail with all of your goals. The clearer your vision, the easier it will be to have laser-like focus in achieving those goals.

Keep your goals in plain sight.

There's something powerful in reading our goals at least weekly. (It’s a lot more effective than writing down goals on New Year’s Eve and forgetting what they are come June.) Somehow just keeping those goals top of mind can change our actions during the day, as if we go on automatic pilot toward our goals.

Evaluate what's working and what isn't.

I bet you know six months in what’s really working for you. Simple but true: Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Just thinking about what works and what doesn’t can lead to smart tweaks in your daily schedule.

Jot down your little wins.

Sometimes we're so busy being busy that we forget how many successes we’ve already had this year. Pause long enough to make a list of your best moments so far this year. You might be surprised to see how much you’ve already achieved. This little exercise gets your momentum super-charged.

Take one action step every day.

If you're overwhelmed by what you want to achieve this year, just stay in action mode. Each day, take at least one step to the goal or objective you want to achieve this year. Approach each day by simply asking yourself: What’s the one thing I will do today to make progress on what I care about most?

Make sure you're smart about how you're spending time.

Do you spend all of your time getting the little stuff out of the way so you can focus on the big stuff? It’s human nature to do the quick busywork before we tackle bigger priorities, but it easily leads to procrastination. Make sure you're devoting the most time to your biggest priorities and not putting them off until someday when you are free. You'll feel lighter when you tackle what's most important to you.

When you pause to review how your year is going, you give yourself the opportunity to self-correct. Make your second half of the year even better than the first half with small changes that can add up to big results over time.

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