The 5 Biggest Myths About Weight Loss + Why They're Wrong

Would you love to lose a few pounds, but aren't sure what you should and shouldn’t be eating? The good news is that there's never been more information so freely available online and in our media today for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

The bad news is that with all the conflicting advice out there, how do you navigate your way through all the confusion?

What should you be eating and what should you be avoiding? Who should you trust? Who should you listen to?

Here are five weight loss myths that are prevalent in our society today. Debunking these myths helped me lose over 60 pounds, without drugs or deprivation, and keep it off for good. I hope that this article helps you to do the same!

1. Focusing on reducing calories leads to weight loss.

Counting calories is a concept created by the dieting industry. This myth is very misleading because it focuses people on the wrong issues entirely. The key thing here isn't the number of calories a food has that counts; it's the nutrients the food contains.

Instead of focusing on reducing calories, avoid eating highly processed, refined and fast foods. Eat a wide range of real, fresh, natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, organic nuts and seeds.

2. Eating fat will make you fat.

Have you ever suffered from itchy, dry, scaly skin, hair loss, bad memory, bruising, low immune system function, or loss of regular menstruation? If so, these are all common symptoms of not eating enough fat in your diet.

Your body needs fat for everything from creating healthy hormones to building a strong immune system. Foods that are naturally high in healthy fats and oils (especially omega-3s) are an essential part of your diet.

Make sure you get enough good fats in your diet, such as avocados, salmon and fish oils, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and ghee.

3. Margarine is better than butter.

Margarine has no saturated fat, which is why many people thought for a long time that it was a healthy substitute for butter. Unfortunately, since margarine was created in a science laboratory, it isn't natural. It's a chemically produced product, which your body doesn’t really know how to digest. Margarine and buttery spreads are highly processed, using low-grade, often rancid oils that can actually harm your body's delicate tissues.

As an alternative, use organic ghee and extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and fresh nut oils.

4. "Diet" drinks are a good alternative to sodas.

Diet sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners, which are actually very toxic for the human body. These toxins interfere with the delicate internal balance of your body and brain, which ironically will cause you to gain weight.

As an alternative to drinking diet soft drinks, choose fresh water, herbal teas, freshly squeezed green juices and smoothies.

5. Low-fat and no-fat foods are best.

Sophisticated food marketers would have you believe that low-fat and no-fat foods are best for you. But when you remove fat from food, it becomes tasteless. So, to compensate for the lack of taste, food companies add sugar, often in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and lots of it, too.

Instead of eating foods that have been highly processed and refined, make sure you eat whole foods in their natural form whenever possible.

You really can lose weight for good when you debunk these weight loss myths.

If you want to lose weight for good, it's important to debunk the food myths that are keeping you fat and gaining weight. Losing weight for good is not about restricting calories, deprivations or restrictions, it's actually about taking a healing approach.

The healing approach is empowering and educational. As you learn about yourself and your body, you naturally start to eat the foods that your body can recognize and easily digest.

I hope that this article inspires you to start eating more fresh foods so that you can experience the incredible joy that comes from feeling healthy and losing weight naturally.

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