A Vending Machine That Dispenses Veggies!

Wouldn't it be cool if you could get salads out of a vending machine, instead of just chips or candy?

One new company thinks so. Based in Chicago, Farmer's Fridge, aims to make fresh, healthy food available at free-standing kiosks, a perfect option for the wellness warrior on the go.

Imagine walking through a shopping mall, inserting a few bills into a machine at the food court, and getting a jar full of greens. The idea seems pretty straightforward, but Farmer's Ridge is the first to attempt it.

Even better news is that the "vending machines" sell a surprisingly wide variety of items, including fully constructed salads and separate protein jars if you need an omnivore boost. All you have to do is make your selection, and out comes your salad! Modern Farmer has the details:

Once [the food item is] chosen, the machine dispenses the salad or snack in a clear plastic jar which can be brought back to the kiosk for the reuse. [Farmer's Fridge founder] Saunders eventually hopes to offer recycling incentives to frequent customers.

As any one who has tried keeping salad leftovers in the fridge might guess, keeping the vegetables fresh was one of the initial challenges for the concept. Not only are the products restocked every 24 hours, but Saunders and his salad makers learned to layer ingredients to help keep the ingredients crisp during the day.

Sounds great to us! The only downside: the kiosks are currently located exclusively in Chicago. (The city has some pretty cool stuff happening in the sustainability world right now!) We'd love to be the first to lobby for Farmer's Ridge to come to Brooklyn!

Image via Farmer's Fridge

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