Who Needs Wine? How To Pair Your Food With Juice

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Here's one more delicious reason to stock up on all of your favorite juices: Foodies and chefs are realizing there’s a whole world of undiscovered flavor out there in the form of juice-food pairings.

Juice has finally found its rightful place in the culinary experience! Just as a five-star chef painstakingly assembles every single component of an intricate new dish, just as winemakers carefully craft the richly layered flavor profiles of their latest vintage, Evolution Fresh makes conscious choices about the sweetness, acidity, mouth-feel and aroma combinations you’ll find in each and every serving of our juice. With some practice, you can pick the perfect juice to enhance any meal (not just Orange Juice with your breakfast frittata).

Want to learn how to compose a fun juice pairing dinner party for warmer months? Check out these tips for ideal summer pairings, and see Evolution Fresh’s complete Juice Pairing Guide for more info.

Summer dish: Quinoa salad with greens, beets, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

Juice pairing: Berry or Apple juices

Why it works: The bright, sweet notes and medium body of these fruit juices put your palate in the perfect position to pick up on the opposite flavors offered by the salad components: Delightfully bitter greens, deliciously earthy beets and wonderfully tart goat cheese and vinegar.

Summer dish: Orzo with sweet caramelized onions, peas and prosciutto

Juice pairing: Green juices

Why it works: The light texture and simple profile of green juice provides an even-keeled foundation for the orzo, complex in its opposing flavors. If the juice’s ingredients evoke the Earth, the pasta dish’s brightness is a nod to the sun.

Summer dish: Ginger curried chicken

Juice pairing: Root vegetable juices, like beet or carrot

Why it works: Root vegetables offer a vibrant pop of flavor and color strong enough to stand up to the bold tastes of Eastern cuisines. The essential bite of just-unearthed veggies help ingredients like ginger and turmeric really sing.

Summer dish: Mahi-jalapeno tacos

Juice pairing: Coconut & pineapple juice

Why it works: The ultra-light mouth-feel of tropical juices offer a refreshing partner to spicy coastal cuisines. When you build the tacos, don’t be shy with the hot peppers — they’ll bring out the ocean-fresh flavor of the fish. We like to add some crunchy red cabbage that's been soaked in lime, mixed with cilantro, and a dollop of guacamole. Grab cold pineapple coconut water and embrace the feeling of the sea side.

Summer dish: Tomato-chorizo frittata

Juice pairing: Citrus juices

Why it works: The color and aroma of the juice alone will get your taste buds revved; one swig and you’re in flavor heaven. Since citrus offers such a powerful flavor, it’s best paired with simple dishes, like eggs and poultry. Grab some tomatoes from your garden, whisk up some eggs, throw in some salty sausage and you’re good to go.

Summer dish: Smoked mozzarella pasta salad

Juice pairing: Citrus juices

Why it works: When they’re picked at their seasonal peak, there’s nothing sweeter and fresher than a bright-orange mango or navel orange. Bring a couple of bottles to your next BBQ with a homemade pasta salad that uses shredded smoked mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, penne pasta, fresh basil and a dash of cayenne pepper.

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