Do You Procrastinate? Maybe It's A Form Of Wisdom

Procrastination can make us feel guilty, unproductive, riddled with failure. You know what it feels like and how it looks: Just one more round of checking social media. A spontaneous Netflix marathon. That closet that suddenly really needs to be organized.

What if I told you that procrastination can be a form of wisdom?

In an age of “instant” and “gotta-make-it-happen-now” productivity, our hesitation can (erroneously) be labeled as procrastination. That "hesitant pause" might very well be perceptive resistance. A deeper hunch of wrong timing.

Look, we all put things off. Whether you’re a firecracker or a gentle soul, we’ve all dabbled in procrastination. But what seems like avoidance

on the surface may instead be divine instinct.

How can you actually benefit from your procrastination?

1. Realize that hesitation can be a red flag.

Are you hesitating because you doubt your abilities? Because you’re afraid of the feedback you’ll get? Because (if you’re honest with yourself) this isn’t the work that you were meant for? Next time you feel that pushback, sit with it for a moment. What is that instinct trying to tell you?

2. Scan your hesitation for for new information.

Ask yourself: What about these circumstances has me pausing? What feels good about it and what feels off? What about it feels out of integrity?

3. Use that new knowledge to shift and pivot.

Maybe you like the work you’re doing but not the client. Maybe you don’t want to clean because you know your partner won’t notice, you’ll get resentful, and a fight will ensue.

Think about what you can change, quit, and delegate. Practice the tough conversations that will help you create life and work that doesn’t lead to Breaking Bad marathons. And then make those changes happen.

When you examine your procrastination, you get clear. You’re less reactive and more informed. You calmly communicate your truth. Trust that divine shifts and occurrences can happen when you choose inner knowing over external pressure.

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