Is Being At Home More Stressful Than Being At Work?

Time to throw away all those cliches about work being super stressful. New research released by the Council on Contemporary Families suggests that, contrary to popular belief, many people feel less stressed at work than they do at home.

Pennsylvania State University researchers sampled cortisol levels of 122 workers, both during the week and on weekends. Surprisingly, levels of this stress hormone turned out to be lower overall when participants were at work, compared with when they were at home. So get out of bed and get to work earlier if you want to be more relaxed!

Well, not so fast. While workers were happier and less stressed on the job than they were at home, the effect was more pronounced in women than in men. This potentially reinforces assumptions about gender roles; in short, household tasks fall to women more frequently than they do to men, meaning home is less likely to be a place of relaxation and more likely to be a classic "second shift" of work.

But it could also suggest that work holds benefits beyond a paycheck. The New York Times gives more context to the study:

Being present and focused leads to less stress and more happiness? Who knew?!

What do you think of these findings? Do you feel less stressed at work or at home?

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