An Open Letter To My Yoga Teachers

Written by Jenn Kashiwa

Yoga teachers may be with their students for just an hour, or perhaps for many years but there are some things that, for whatever reason, never get said between teacher and student. And I’m sure there are some like-minded pupils who would want you to know:

1. You’re more powerful than you know.

A wise phrase, a pertinent adjustment, or the combined lesson of the two comes with us to every other class after we leave yours. We may even write it down! Sometimes you’ve tapped into the spring of our true selves to the point that, outside of class, we may initiate a divorce, start a business, or actually become happy.

2. You've helped organize the journey.

Whether you’ve read a book, taken extended teacher training, or practiced self-study; whatever you’ve done to get ready for class, we appreciate it. Your investment in yourself and your craft leads to our enhancement and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you!

3. We absorb your energy.

Sorry to point is out, but you’re in a position of authority. We open up to you to receive guidance, and in doing so we take in what you bring to class both in the knowledge you have but more importantly in your demeanor. We feel your excitement, passion, sarcasm, criticism, or your general yogic happiness. Sometimes the intention of your attitude makes a bigger difference than helping us with handstand.

4. Forgive yourself.

OK … so you missed a cue and had us do the same side twice. Yes, we notice, but we don’t hold it against you. We feel for you when you’re rattled. You’re in a position of authority, but you’re not on a pedestal. Let’s laugh it off and keep flowing!

5. A little music goes a long way.

As much as we’re ready to follow your playlist on Spotify, when you’re shouting over the tunes, it’s too loud. The jams you play are a nice enhancement to the ambience, but we need to hear YOU give us instruction. Please let the music be secondary to your voice so we’re not struggling in the pose of “listening.”

6. My attendance is not a reflection on you.

We may only come to your class once but that doesn’t mean we didn’t like it, or you. It could be we have a scheduling conflict or that physically or spiritually we’re not a match at this time. When the circumstances are right we will be back.

7. We often try to maintain a respectful distance.

We see how in demand you are both before and after class. Our interactions with you may be brief, but it’s only because we want to give someone else a chance to speak with you or to give you a break. It’s never because we don’t want to talk to you.

8. Memories last a lifetime.

We may not see you for years, or ever again, but we will forever remember our shared experiences and the foundation of support you contributed to our evolution. You live in our hearts and our practice each time we step on our mats. We think about you with deep gratitude and reverence for how you shaped our lives and our asana. You made a difference!

Namaste …

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