6 Ways To Let Go Of Doubt & Trust Yourself

6 Ways To Let Go Of Doubt & Trust Yourself Hero Image

To trust ourselves is a liberating and transformative experience, but many of us have lost that connection and are searching for answers outside of ourselves or are allowing other people or societal beliefs to tell us what's true for us. When we trust ourselves, we trust life and when we trust life, we are connected to all of the miracles that the universe is sending us. Self-trust builds an inner confidence that is unmatched by anything else.

When we talk about trust, we're also talking about manifesting our dreams. Manifestation is about being internally aligned with our intuition. When we're living in the flow of the perfection of a divine timeline, the things we're inspired to create show up on our path, and this is evidence of clear alignment with our intuition, our higher self. In other words, what we truly desire, not what our human ego desires, but rather what our soul, heart and higher-self desires is what will begin to appear in our paths.

Here are six tips to help get you on the path of trusting yourself on the deepest level:

1. Recognize the ego.

The spiritual ego is synonymous with fear. It's the loud, chattery voice in our mind that is based on doubt, lack and limitation. The more we watch and observe the old stories it's telling us, the more we can detach from it and take our power back. When the ego is running the show, we feel powerless over making healthy life changes and we're blocked from our inner guidance, the loving voice within.


The next time you hear the suspicious or vicious voice in your head that says you're not good enough or things aren't going to work out, it's the ego talking. The ego also speaks through toxic people in our lives. Spend time with those who uplift you rather than drain you or drag you down.

2. Ask.

The more you clear the loud ego voice, the more you can hear your inner guide. Begin calling on your inner guide, your intuition, higher self, daily to bring in anything that you need to know.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you can ask for guidance by saying, "Thank you for guiding me to loving perceptions today" or when you find yourself in a challenging moment say, "I'm willing to see this differently." Allow new higher perceptions and feelings to float in through your willingness to see things differently.

3. Listen.

The reason why we want to slow down and get present with ourselves is so that we can listen to the guidance flowing in for us. Many times this looks like a daily meditation practice or journaling. Access to our intuition is always available to us. It can happen in the check-out line at the grocery store, while we're on the subway, when the willingness to listen is there.

What comes through will never sound complex, will be a simple word or phrase, and might sound something like "patience" and it will feel calming and relaxing; or it can come in as an inspired idea to take a new yoga class or walk down a different street. You never know where it's leading you and many times it could be leading you right to a soulmate or that amazing business opportunity you've been asking for.

4. Release self-doubt.

Trust and doubt cannot exist in the same moment. As we release self-doubt and instead practice self-trust, we empower ourselves to make choices that will change our lives.

The next time you feel the answer in your gut or your heart, and then the ego's voice comes in and doubts or questions it and tells you to listen to other people's opinions instead, know that this is your opportunity to start trusting yourself and to release the doubt.

5. Act.

When we take aligned actions from the intuitive guidance we've received, we will experience powerful results and miraculous shifts in our lives. Sometimes these are hard choices that require courage to act on, but by trusting we know what's best, we slowly change our lives and start to feel free.

This might be something big like leaving a job or relationship, or it can be smaller things like signing up for a new class or pursuing a new hobby or interest.

6. Surrender.

Know that there is a divine plan unfolding perfectly and that our work is to simply align with this higher path that we are being guided to. Everything that we desire on a soul level, beyond our human ego, is waiting for us on this higher plane. As we surrender to love, our inner guide, we know exactly what we need to say, where we need to go and what we need to do.

A way to practice surrendering daily is to releasing fears and worries as they come up and pulling in trust and faith instead. You can silently say, "I surrender this fear or desire. Thank you for taking care of it."

The more we trust ourselves, we see our lives improve, giving us more confidence to trust ourselves even more often, so it's a step-by-step process that does not need to happen overnight but rather gradually over a period of time. Intellectual understanding must turn into experiential understanding in order for it to be useful in moving us forward in our lives.

When we apply spiritual tools daily and actively listen and honor our inner guide, we are empowered through trusting ourselves which is the highest act of self-love. And love is everything.

Photo credit: Eric Yagoda

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