Want a Baby Girl? Cut Out Salt, Eat More Beans

Are you a mom or aspiring mom who'd like a baby girl? Scientists in the UK say that women can directly influence the sex of their child through the foods they eat.

If you're a woman who wants a girl, the scientists who conducted the study say you should avoid eating sodium and potassium-rich foods, such as:
olives, bacon, salami, smoked salmon, prawns, savoury rice, blue cheese, potatoes, processed meats, bread and pastries.

Instead, you should eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium, like:
yogurt, hard cheese, canned salmon, rhubarb, spinach, tofu, almonds, oatmeal, broccoli, oranges, cashew nuts, whole wheat cereals, figs, and beans.
If you're a guy, the scientists say that your diet has no effect on what sex your baby will be.

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