5 Ways Being A Vegan Makes Me Feel On Top Of The World

So many people struggle with food: what to eat, when to eat, how often to eat. Not to mention the immense pleasure-seeking desire to bite into that perfect dish. We’re hooked. We rely on food to be the centerpiece of special occasions and our biggest moments.

I’ve had this love/hate relationship with food my entire life. I love the way food tastes. I hate the way it makes me feel after. Food has always been that guilty baggage I carry on my back ... and stomach ... and everywhere else. I would always ask myself, “Why must I be burdened with something that should be celebratory and uplifting?” “Why can’t I have a normal relationship with food?” I longed to be released from the shackles food had on me, a constant mind-struggle between who I was and who I wished I could be.

Then I found the light and lately I’ve been soaring with the birds.

I was always weird about meat and have been mostly vegetarian for as long as I can remember. Believing for far too long that veganism was “extreme” and that I loved cheese far too much to ever consider a life without it, I still kept an open mind and was always receptive to new information that came my way. After a few monumental moments of education, a reevaluation of my own habits, and change, I vowed to live a plant-based lifestyle full of love and passion for all life — including my own.

I believe wholeheartedly that swearing off animal-based food and products can make you feel on top of the world, and best of all, give you an irreplaceable feeling of pleasure and elation knowing you’re doing all you can to help your own body and this world.

Here’s the top five reasons becoming a vegan has set me free:

1. I never feel guilty after a meal. Ever. No matter how much I eat.

Unlike my childhood days of binging and hating myself afterward, I feel like whole plant-based food feeds my mind, body and soul. You can never have too much of THAT.

2. Animals are here with us not for us. So is the planet.

I know that by living meat and dairy free, I’m helping save animals that are invisible in our food system, preventing more destruction to our environment, and healing my body.

3. Plant power means I have more energy and feel sick less often.

You know that after-meal grogginess? It’s a thing of the past. Eliminating meat and dairy has freed up more room for plants. Plants feed your body with the good nutrition your body needs without the food hangover.

4. Becoming vegan has put me face-to-face with admirable people ... and animals.

The growing community of vegans and farm sanctuaries are filled with strong and supportive creatures who are all fighting for the same thing: a world where all things are treated with respect and people take care of the one body that they have.

5. I am an educated, well-rounded individual.

In order to get me where I am, I had to do a lot of reading, talking and soul-searching. I made the step and refused to be willfully ignorant about where our food comes from. This has turned me into a fiery advocate for animals and good, whole food.

Set yourself free from food and feel good about the contribution you’re making in our world. Your impact will be noticed and your footprint will disappear as you fly.

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