How To Make Your Facebook Page Meaningful

A Facebook friend sent me the following message:

I really, really, really appreciate your posts. You’ve reminded me I’m special and that I’m not alone…You’ve reminded me over and over lately to love myself a little more, and for that I can’t thank you enough.

I’m loving Facebook these days, thanks in part to messages like that. I’m loving my connection with the community that exists on my page. I’ve discovered a way to make Facebook meaningful to me, by making my page more meaningful to others.

Maybe you’re looking for more meaning in your life. Aren’t we all? Maybe you want to share your insights, wisdom and love, as well as some seriously cute cat videos. Facebook gives you a built-in community of people whose lives you can touch in real and powerful ways. You’ll likely transform your life while doing so. Give and you shall receive, right?

If you’re looking for a deeper connection with your FB community, or are searching for a deeper meaning within Facebook in general, here are some themes to keep in mind when you’re posting:

1. Inspiration

What inspires you? What helps you stay positive during tough times? How have you overcome obstacles, or whose story of resilience has touched your life? Share these stories with your Facebook community. Channel your inspiration to others. Everyone wants to feel inspired. And everyone — certainly you! — has the power to inspire.

2. Humor

I can’t laugh enough, can you? A good laugh can pull someone out of a dark mood and usher them into a light one. A good laugh unites people. If you come across something you find funny, there’s a great chance it will bring a smile to others. Our world needs to laugh more! Share the gift of laughter with your Facebook community.

3. Knowledge

There’s so much to learn! If you’ve become passionate about something — health and wellness, astronomy, animals, whatever — share what you’re learning with your community. That article you post about the benefits of yoga might change someone’s life! That piece about climate change might incite a new passion in others. What interesting thing are you learning about? Let your friends know!

4. Art

There’s always room for more beauty, expression and color in our world, and on our Facebook pages. Art, like humor, has the power to pull us out of our heads, to place us in a fantastical world where we can ooh and aah over something beautiful or outrageous or seemingly impossible. Art keeps us centered on creativity, a vital part of being alive. By sharing links and information about artists you love, you’re also giving the artists some free and well-deserved promotion. Spread the art!

5. Pain

If you’re going through a tough time and could use some extra support, Facebook can be a healing place to share a painful experience. Many in your community will likely be able to relate, offer advice, and certainly send you their love. Some of my most far-reaching posts have been the ones where I’ve opened up about something painful, always deeply moved by the response from my Facebook community. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles. You, too, will be amazed by how supportive your Facebook friends can be when you really need it.

6. Love

I’m biased, because love is my favorite thing in the world, but I don’t think you can share too much love on your Facebook page. Let your friends know you love them, that they’re worthy, that they matter. Let them know they bring meaning to your life. By sharing your love, you not only make people feel good and loved, but also inspire them to share their love with the world. And there is NEVER too much love going on. Spark a love-fest within your Facebook community.

All that said, your Facebook page is YOUR Facebook page. Do with it whatever you want to do. Express yourself however the urge strikes. Be free. Just remember there are always opportunities to find deeper meaning in all areas of life, your Facebook page included. Since I began approaching my page with meaning, my Facebook experience has become truly meaningful. Yours can become meaningful, too!

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