Do People Who Avoid Gluten Even Know What It Is? (Hilarious Video)

Many people have serious medical issues that prevent them from consuming gluten. But, according to late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, "A lot of people ... don't eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to." That hits a little too close to home, Jimmy.

Kimmel decided to send his team to a popular Los Angeles fitness area to ask passers-by who follow a gluten-free diet whether or not they know what this thing they're avoiding actually is. Spoiler alert: they don't! The results are predictably hilarious.

And, in case you were squirming in your seat, wondering if you could have been a Kimmel target, gluten is a two-part protein found in wheat and some other grains. It's what gives bread its spongy (some would say delectable) qualities, because its combination of strength and flexibility allows air pockets to form while maintaining a chewy goodness. It's also Lucifer come to Earth to rain fire and brimstone on our guts and immune systems. Depends on who you ask, of course.

Here's the video. Enjoy!

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