Q & A with Barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln: Madonna's New Favorite Workout

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Q & A with Barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln: Madonna's New Favorite Workout

Does the name Sadie Lincoln or barre3 sound familiar? If so, it's probably because Sadie and her barre3 creation is Madonna's new favorite workout.

Besides being the brainchild behind barre3, Sadie is a 'mompreneur', who believes in the importance of balance in every sense of the word. I talked to Sadie about Madonna (well, I tried to), the benefits of barre3, balance, being green in Portland, and more.

MBG: How would you describe barre3 to someone who's never heard of it? 

SL: barre3 is a highly efficient 60 minute workout. We use a ballet barre in unexpected ways by drawing not only from ballet barre work but also yoga and Pilates. All the exercises are simple to follow, challenging for all levels, and designed to create the "dancers body" -- long, lean and graceful. All classes are set to inspiring playlists we call "soundtracks" because our music sets the tone much as a soundtrack of a movie does. We have an amazing group of instructors and clients who welcome new people. Come try it!  

How/when did you decide to create barre3? 

I decided to create barre3 based on 20 years' experience teaching classes and working as a corporate executive for a large fitness chain for 10. My husband and I made our decision to make a big life change about 4 years ago. We sold our house in California, packed the kids, and moved to Portland to start our own company based around our values. I simply developed a workout that was perfect for me -- one that balanced my body and my mind. And, along with my husband, we set out to create a balanced business model perfect for what we wanted in life.

The 3 in barre3 symbolizes balance -- can you elaborate?

The 3 is a symbol of balance, like a tripod or triangle. It is there to remind me to always create classes that balance the body and to develop a business that is a balanced and integrated way of life.

There are many three's in life that represent what I value, such as: mind, body, spirit. Or, for you it is: mind, body, green! I love that name by the way!

What can barre3 do for someone's body? How fast can someone expect results?

Our main goal is to help people improve their posture. We teach clients to recognize imbalance in their bodies and then we work to level them out by teaching a series of counter poses designed to engineer the body to basic anatomical position.

Clients feel and see results really fast in our classes. We recommend coming to class 2-3 times a week consistently. Those that do this get longer, leaner and taller. It is not uncommon for us to hear that clients literally measure taller than when they started with us!

How do you balance being an entrepreneur, wife, mom? 

I work really hard at this! My entire business model is based on the notion that it is possible to balance these important roles. We close our studio doors from 1-4 every day. We keep it simple and smart. I am a hands-on mom and spend quality time with my children every morning, afternoon and night! We have childcare so I can bring kids with me to work. My husband and I work together so we get LOTS of time together. For us, it is important to also have time away from home and work.

Q & A with Barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln: Madonna's New Favorite Workout

How do you relax/unwind? Does meditation play a role? 

In recent years my very favorite way to relax and meditate is Acupuncture. It has changed my life! I tell my acupuncturist that it is like instant savasana for me!

It's been widely reported that barre3 is Madonna's favorite workout. Can you elaborate at all about Madonna's workout?

I can't. Sorry!

What does mind, body, green mean to you?

To me it connects being mindful to my mind body AND the world we live in. That the earth is a part of me and my responsibility to care for -- just as my mind and body is.

Do you have any favorite healthy places to eat in Portland? 

Yes. PRASAD. Best vegan food ever!!! Best FOOD ever!

Favorite green places in Portland, or green travel destinations?

Forest Park is my current favorite green place.   

What are you currently working on? What's next?

I am currently working on finding amazing franchise partners who want to grow this company with me! I am also very focused on supporting my current franchisees, clients, and instructors by providing dynamic, meaningful and thoughtful programs.

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