Feeling Stuck? 4 Ways To Turn Obstacles Into Success

From time to time, we all have setbacks, blocks and obstacles on our path to achieving success and living the life of our dreams. We’re told that we just have to be determined, push harder, and strive to overcome these landmines.

But does it ever feel like you’re forcing a square peg into a round hole? Like no matter how hard you try, you’re completely blocked?

I’ve tried to break down plenty of walls in my day — but it’s the times that I stopped forcing and started allowing that things really started to move for me. Blocks are there for a reason. And, if you pay close enough attention, you might just be able to follow them to the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here are four ways that blocks can help you achieve overwhelming success in life:

1. Blocks point out where things aren’t flowing for you.

When you can’t write anymore, your inspiration is gone for the day. When you can’t run any longer, your muscles are exhausted. When you can’t think anymore, your productivity for that meeting plummets. Blocks pop up in areas of our life where energy just isn’t flowing. It warns us that something just isn’t working here and it’s time to pack up, take a break, or go a different route. It teaches us how to most effectively use our time and energy.

2. What feels unnatural to you probably feels unnatural to everyone around you.

Most blocks come about because we’re forcing something that was never a good fit to begin with. We’re trying to do things the way we’re told they’re supposed to be done. We’re trying to hide certain parts of our personality because “it’s just not professional enough.” We stop ourselves just short of vulnerability. But, if it feels awkward or unnatural to you, it probably feels that way to everyone around you. So maybe traditional marketing isn’t your thing, but hosting fun parties is. Or maybe you really do need an open relationship for it to work. Whatever the case, blocks point out when things feel unnatural and encourage us to be more authentic.

3. Sometimes the best way to get through a wall is just to walk around it.

We can be so obsessed with an obstacle that we forget why we were trying to overcome it in the first place. Maybe you want a book deal because it will help you get more clients. If the book deal isn’t working, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to never get more clients. Forget the obstacle and find a new path to your ultimate goal. Many times, obstacles point out that one tiny part of the plan isn’t working, not the whole thing.

4. Lack of resources teaches you how to be resourceful.

When you’re unable to move forward, you have no choice but to get creative. If your business isn’t taking off, it might be time to put together a new program. If your relationship is in the dumps, it might be time to spice things up. The advantage of being pushed to the edge of the cliff is that we learn how to fly. Blocks teach us things about ourselves that we never thought possible and push us to blow our expectations out of the water.

So the next time you come up to a block in your life, consider that maybe it’s there for a reason. Maybe it’s there to teach you what comes naturally to you or where things flow for you. Maybe it’s there to help you figure out just how much potential you really have inside. Maybe it’s there to help you stop taking on other people’s blueprints for success and start building your own.

And, once you realize what you can really accomplish, good luck to anything that tries to get in your way.

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