5 Ways To Get Healthy (That Take Almost No Effort)

Written by Jonathan FitzGordon

When it comes down to it, no one can fix you but yourself. Unfortunately, we aren't always culturally empowered to believe that we are our own best option in the pursuit of health and healing. Many of us put a great deal of faith in doctors and health care practitioners when it comes to making our wellness choices.

It's not hard to take control of your choices, but it can take some gentle effort. Here are five easy tips to start changing your approach to basic aspects of your daily life, and to start taking control of your health.

1. Breathe.

Breathing and walking top the list of the many things we take for granted.

Breathing is a full-body experience, and becoming aware of your own breath is extremely important. Start by noticing how you breathe. Does the air go up? Down? All around?

If you find that the inhale tends to elevate the chest, relax the front of your body to allow breath to flow completely through your trunk. Let your belly soften. One of the goals is to be strong in the core and soft in the belly.

Many of our emotions manifest through the breath, so developing the skills to breathe calmly in the face of adversity is an amazing tool for self-healing.

2. Learn to walk, stand and sit.

If we want to make it to a ripe old age, it would be wise to make essential changes to our walking, standing and sitting patterns. Living technological lives rarely prioritizes the body over the machine. As a result, the body’s major joints break down on way too many people.

We weren't designed to sit in chairs and cars. Additionally, so many of the cues that parents and teachers give us for standing are painfully misbegotten.

The adage to “stand up straight” actually leaves many of us leaning backward putting our spines into painful positions.

So, changing the perception of your place in space, coupled with minimizing the time spent in ill-fitting chairs is an empowering shift to make in your life.

Re-educating the body on how to walk, sit and stand correctly is paramount to having a healthy present and future for our bodies

3. Move a lot.

While exercise is important, movement in general trumps everything. We're meant to move, work and use our body as much as possible. To say that a sedentary lifestyle is killing us might be a bit of an overstatement but not by much. Recent research has shown that physical inactivity can have a major impact on health.

Find ways to move more than you currently are. Whether change comes from using a standing desk, getting off the bus or train two or three stops early, or parking your car a couple of extra blocks from work, moving more will pay off for the rest of your life.

Also, find a way to move that you enjoy. You’re much more likely to keep doing it!

4. Eat good food.

One radical change that people can make to their diet doesn’t involve eating. Start reading the ingredients on food packages. Cutting down, or eliminating, processed foods from our daily regimen can have a huge effect on our digestive and general health.

Being mindful of what we eat helps us make better choices about this fuel we use to get through life. What you put in your body determines a great deal about how it works. The closer you get to a diet of whole genuine food the easier it is to be your own healer.

5. Make yourself a priority.

Do you find it easier to care for others rather than take care of yourself? This comes up again and again in the search for self-care. You can't serve others fully if you don’t serve yourself first.

Making your wants, needs and desires of the highest importance is an essential step on the road to well-being.

Patient, heal thyself! Take up this call to arms with a sense of responsibility and excitement and watch your health blossom.

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