10 Signs You're A Hardcore Vegan (Funny)

Going vegan is a major life decision — it can completely define you in ways you never thought possible. But while some people believe vegans are all self-righteousness and no fun, it's good to remember that we can poke fun at ourselves from time to time!

With that in mind, here are 10 signs you're a hardcore vegan:

1. You swear you can taste the difference between lacinato, red Russian and curly kale.

The same goes for red, green and rainbow chard.

2. You cringe when someone says, "But ... where do you get your protein?"

B12? Don't even get me started!

3. You're a pro at reading food labels.

Tiny print doesn't scare you!

4. You've ordered a Caesar salad ...

But you've modified the order with, "I'll have the chicken Caesar salad, but hold the chicken and cheese, and can I swap the dressing for olive oil?"

5. It's your dream to move upstate to an organic farm.

You'll spend your days fermenting vegetables, making your own soap, composting and leaving no carbon footprint.

6. Your kitchen pantry, medicine cabinet and cosmetic case contain 75% of the same items.

Yes, I do need the extra, extra large jar of coconut oil. What else will I use as face wash, body lotion, hair conditioner, antibacterial ointment and oil to saute my veggies with?

7. You jump up and down for joy when the extra, extra large jar of coconut oil goes on sale at your grocery store.

See #6

8. The words "made from man-made materials" brings a sigh of relief when you are shopping for shoes.

No need for animal cruelty!

9. You buy seaweed in bulk.

When a package arrives from Amazon your family simply says, "Your seaweed is here." Totally unfazed.

10. You splurge on kale chips and raw macaroons!

Just got your paycheck? Birthday money from grandma? Now you can finally upgrade to the juice you have your eye on!

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