4 Simple Steps To Feel Better During Tough Times

You know that saying, "Bad things come in groups of three?" Well, sometimes that superstition feels a lot more like reality. You get laid off from your job, a relationship comes to the end, you lose a good friend. It can add up quickly, and these can be some dark places to go. But the important thing is how you react, and to create a positive train of thought in a place of gratitude for each life experience.

It's during these tough times that we need to consciously work on thinking positively. Yes, I realize it's almost impossible to do when you're sad and hurting. But it helps. It is a process of training your mind to see the good despite the situation. We do this by finding gratitude and by being thankful for the experience and what was learned.

Here are a few tips to help you practice gratitude during tough times:

1. Create a list of everything you are grateful for from the situation.

Visit the list as often as you need and add to it.

2. When you are feeling sad, find one thing about the situation to be grateful for.

Say thank you either in your mind or out loud and truly feel the gratitude in your heart space.

3. Before you go to sleep at night, go through your day and reflect on the moment you are most thankful for.

A laugh shared with friends, a job posting that makes you feel excited, a delicious meal, it can be anything – then feel gratitude as you reflect.

4. Find a quote that resonates with how you feel about the situation and the moment.

Whenever you are feeling down during the day, read it and allow the quote to help support you as you grow from the struggles of life.

By finding gratitude when you are feeling down and feeling thankful, you are creating positive thought. And you will be amazed at the effect one small positive thought can have on your whole day.

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