15 Fun Ways To Sneak Extra Movement Into Your Day

Written by Chris Freytag

Say you go to a group fitness class, do an exercise DVD, or go for a run early in the day. Your exercise for the day is finished. Terrific! Now you still have the rest of the day to sneak in some bonus exercise. Yep, that's right: your workout is not your permission to slip into the land of the sedentary until your next workout.

Put simply, the more you move in your day — the better! Here's the good news for your already busy schedule: there are all sorts of fun and easy ways to sneak extra movement into your day.

1. Squat while you brush your teeth.

2. Never take an elevator again. Take those steps!

3. Turn your house into a dance club. Crank up your favorite music and dance like no one is watching, or grab your kids and make it a family dance party.

4. Clean vigorously. Clean your house by putting your whole body into it and exaggerate your movements. That may not sound like a thrilling idea, but you will burn extra calories and get a sparkling house in the process.

5. Chat on the phone and do some calf raises.

6. Pace.

7. Stand up more than you sit down. All. Day. Long.

8. Never worry about going into a room and forgetting why you are in there ever again. Retracing your steps just means you're taking even more steps!

9. Do planks during commercials.

10. Carry your grocery bags instead of using a shopping cart when possible. And hopefully you parked far away from the store entrance too.

11. Jump rope or hula hoop.

12. Suggest a walking meeting.

13. Go to a playground. Use the equipment like you are a kid again.

14 Lunge down a hall in your house.You can do it at work too but you may get some looks.

15. Got your eight hours of sleep? Get up! More time on your feet means more movement for you!

If you view your time as an opportunity to get bonus exercise, all sorts of creative ways to move more will just come to you naturally! I personally like to catch up on my favorite shows while I hop on my stepmill at home.

Do you have a clever way to get extra movement into your day? Share away! Oh, and are you standing up right now? Bonus movement!

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