4 Exercises To Make Your Sex Life Incredible

As a mother of three kids who has been pregnant twice in the past three years, I know what life and love can do to your body. Feeling worn out has come to be my default feeling. Even though your body can do it all, and you think you are in reasonably good shape, there may be something missing.

Stress from your busy life can leave you with a lower libido or less pleasurable intimate experiences which can take a toll on your relationship.

If your core has lost strength due to pregnancy, injury or lack of use, getting it back can be slow or not happening at all. Poor core strength can show up as hunched posture, back pain, and low libido and poor performance.

Here are four exercises to increase tone and blood flow in your deepest core muscles to take your sex life from good to great!

1. The Plank

There is no better exercise for your entire core than the plank. It's low impact for your spine and works your upper and lower core muscles plus your shoulders and lats. Working your way up to one minute, either on your hands or forearms and on your feet or knees, can be done up to three times for excellent overall stability.

2. The Bridge

Laying on your back with your feet on the floor and your knees at 90 degrees, press into your feet to lift your seat. You can work your way up to 100 a day and also add a reverse curl at the top of the bridge for an added squeeze. This move works your hamstrings and gluts and tones up your bootie too.

3. The Standing Diamond Lift & Squat

Hold your gluteus muscles tightly squeezed together and slightly tuck your pelvis. Stand with your heels together and your feet out to 45 degrees. Lift your heels like you are wearing your highest heeled shoes and squeeze your legs together as you drop them back down to the floor. Then stand in the same position with your heels together and feet at 45 degrees, squat down with your knees bent in a diamond shape and squeeze your legs together as you come up. 50 repetitions of each should give your hips and thighs a good burn.

4. The Kegel Plus

If you have never tried a kegel before, it is typically described as squeezing the muscles which stop a stream of pee. In a seated position with your best posture, start by squeezing the kegel. When you feel it engage, let that squeeze pull your belly button all the way into your spine. Hold for 15 seconds. Take a deep breath in as you release the hold and a deep breath out as you begin the hold again. You are working your lowest deep abdominal muscles in this position. You can do this 15 second hold up to 10 times.

This simple sequence will take 10-12 minutes per day and get you on your way to a rock solid core and a super-charged sex life. Who wouldn’t want that?

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