A Simple Resistance Band Workout You Can Do In Any Park

I love using resistance bands with my clients and groups when we train outdoors. They’re inexpensive, lightweight and perfect for an efficient, quick workout. All you need is a sturdy pole, lamppost or tree. Great for a quick workout while you're at your kid’s soccer practice!

I’ve laid out seven moves to target different muscle groups. Warm up for a few minutes with a power walk or light jog, stretch when needed and make sure to stay hydrated.

Perform each exercise for 10-15 repetitions and repeat 2-3 times, OR cycle through them separately and repeat. Mix it up and have fun!

TIP: Bands come in light, medium and heavy resistance. I find medium weight offers the most versatility. Before performing each exercise make sure the band is secure and you feel “resistance” from the band. You can alter the resistance depending on how close/far away you are from the pole (farther away harder, closer, easier.) Always focus on proper form, engage core muscles and breath through each move.

Chest A

Place band evenly around pole and face out (back to pole) with handle in each hand. Keeping elbows bent raise arms shoulder height, palms facing down.
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Chest B

Extend and straighten arms forward in front of your chest until thumbs almost touch. Make sure you don’t “lock” out elbows. Return to start position, not going past your shoulders with elbows and resisting in both directions. (Don’t let band “snap” back to start.)

Rows A

Face pole and place band around evenly with handle in each hand, palms facing each other, arms extended in front of you below shoulder height.
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Rows B

Keep chest lifted and shoulders down and back as you pull/row band towards your body taking your elbows alongside rib cage and squeezing shoulder blades together. Release back to start with control.

Biceps A

Stand with band evenly placed under arch of each foot, arms along side your body, palms facing forward.
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Biceps B

Keep chest lifted, shoulders down and back and core engaged as you curl band up towards shoulders. Keep upper arm close to rib cage and focus on engaging biceps muscles. Release with resistance to start position.

Triceps A

Face pole with handle in each hand, palms facing down, upper arms along side your rib cage, elbows bent at 90 degrees and forearms parallel to ground.
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Triceps B

Keep chest lifted and core engaged as you hinge at elbows and press palms down toward your hips until your arms are alongside your body. Focus on engaging back of upper arms. Release with resistance to start position.

Lunge and Press A

Place band around pole and loop one handle through the other and pull until tight and secure. You'll have a long band and one handle available. With back towards pole, grab free handle in left hand and raise to left shoulder, palm facing down, elbow back and arm parallel to ground. Assume stationary lunge position with right leg forward, right knee above right ankle, left leg behind you on the ball of the foot.
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Lunge and Press B

As you perform lunge, press left arm forward, shoulder height, keeping arm parallel to the ground. Keep chest lifted and core engaged. Don’t lock out elbow. Simultaneously return to start position. Perform 10-15 reps on one side, switch sides.

Golf Swing A

With band around pole and one end looped through handle, grab free handle with both hands and stand with right side of body aligned a few feet from pole, legs wide, and arms lowered down slightly towards the pole and ground. Keep tension in band.

Golf Swing B

Swing band in front and across body in an upward motion, keeping arms almost straight, rotating through the torso. Keep abs engage and pivot on toes. Return to start position maintaining good form and solid core. Repeat 10-15 reps then switch sides.

Squat and Lift A

With band around pole and one handle looped through, face pole and assume squat position with legs a little wider than hip-width, toes pointing forward, handle in right hand with arm extended shoulder height and palm facing down. Make sure band has tension and keep left hand on hip.

Squat and Lift B

As you squat, lower right arm towards ground between legs, keeping knees over ankles and chest lifted. Return to start position. Repeat 10-15 reps, then switch sides.

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