How Toxic Is The Drinking Water In Your City? (Infographic)

Written by mindbodygreen

The average adult human body is 50-65% water, and you can only survive 3-5 days without drinking water. In spite of how important this life-giving liquid is, many people don’t think twice about the quality of the tap water that comes from the faucets in their own homes.

At Soma, we’re dedicated to providing the best-tasting water and educating you about water safety, health and sustainability. That’s why we created this infographic that ranks the drinking water quality in 100 U.S. cities. Compiled with research from the Environmental Working Group, the ranking methodology is based on 3 factors:

  1. Total number of chemicals detected
  2. Percentage of chemicals found
  3. Highest average level of pollutants

The list of US cities is comprised of 100 US cities with a population greater than 250,000. Topping off the list with the best quality drinking water is: 1). Arlington, TX 2). Providence, RI and 3). Fort Worth, TX. The worst three cities on the list are: 100). Pensacola, FL 99). Riverside, CA and 98). Last Vegas, NV.

Click the image below to see the full interactive infographic and see where your city’s water ranks:

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