If You're Angry At Your Spouse, You May Just Need A Snack

According to a new study published online in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, low glucose levels can lead to greater aggression in married couples — in other words, that fight you had with your significant other may have been a result of hunger. File this one under "news you already knew."

Researchers measured married couples' aggressive impulses and aggressive actions, and compared them with glucose levels. How were these impulses and aggressive actions measured? With voodoo dolls and loud music, of course! From the study's abstract:

So when you're hungry, you may be more likely to be angry. Which, as even the study's lead researcher admitted to USA Today, can be a problem even if you intuitively know this to be the case:

That's healthy advice for everyone, whether you're married or not. Before you get angry at someone you care about, ask yourself if you're actually just hangry.

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