7 Tools That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into A Health Haven

You've now got the hang of some solid healthy recipes and routines. You're feeling amazing, and you're certain this new way of eating and living is here to stay.

Until now, you've been roughin' it in the kitchen. You've been using saran wrap to seal jars, sipping smoothies with a plastic straw, squeezing citrus fruits by hand, and scribbling meal plans on sticky notes.

Today, you realize you're ready to step it up in the kitchen, and you want products that reflect your new culture of healthy living.

Here are my top seven suggested products and tools to support you on your healthy kitchen upgrade:

1. Mason jars

Gone are the days of plastic storage containers! Use Mason jars to keep your smoothies, superfoods and spices fresh, to preserve nutrients, and keep toxins and oxygen out. You can take them on the go, free of spills, and you can stack them up for aesthetic pleasure on your counter or in your pantry.

2. Glass straws

Besides their obvious environmental benefit, glass straws are a healthier and sexier choice. Unlike plastic straws, they won't leech trace chemicals into your drink and body. They're also easy on the eye, and like glass charms, they often have distinguished designs, making them perfect for mocktail and cocktail parties.

3. Vegetable spiralizer or spiral slicer

Salads are now a staple in your life. Why not jazz them up with veg-noodles, to throw in some fun texture, and as a bonus, wow your friends at dinner parties? We've gotta "be the change" right? Try this veggie pasta with your new toy.

4. Tiffin

Now that you're a regular in your kitchen, why not make spice storing and handling easy? Tiffins are stainless steel containers, with 6-7 compartments and a small spoon, to keep your favorite spices in one cool place. When you see all of your spices at once, you'll likely be more inclined to test out new flavors too.

5. Stainless steel cookware

Despite the several attempted advances in this area, aluminum or nonstick pots and pans still pose a risk for toxicity through the leeching of chemicals. And especially so if your cookware is old and degrading. As pricey as this choice may be, consider how much you've saved in general from eating at home more and spending less on packaged foods. It's a healthy investment.

6. Citrus juicer

We know alkalizing lemons and limes are good for us, so why not make enjoying them really easy? Whether you choose to go electric or stick with a manual tool, citrus juicers save time and energy, and generally extract more juice, so you can focus your attention on other tasks, like recipe planning and creation.

7. Magnetic planner

Rather than jot down your healthy reminders and meal ideas on loose notes, keep your schedule organized with a magnetic planner. Write down recipes that you often forget, or tips to keep you health focused on the busier days. Support your new path by making it hard to fall off.

Congratulations on making food your primary medicine, and for choosing to heal naturally! May these products and tools be happy and healthy reminders that you're on this road for the long haul, and that you deserve nothing but the best for making this outstanding choice.

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