Angelina Jolie on Her Not-So-Successful Vegan Diet

As Angelina Jolie hit the red carpet for the UK premier of her film, Salt, she had some interesting words about her once-vegan diet. She says:

"I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret. But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition."

So what can we learn from Angelina's not-so-good vegan experience?

Well, like any diet, going 100 percent isn't going to work for everyone. So if you're a meat-lover like Angelina, going 100 percent vegan probably isn't going to work. But if you're going to have steak, you could opt for grass-fed organic instead.

According to plant-based guru, John Robbins, who wrote the bible on plant-based nutrition, grass-fed beef is healthier as it provides more Omega-3s and has less overall fat and saturated fat. It's also better for the environment as grass-fed beef is far less polluting than traditional corn-fed beef.

What about the taste? Some food critics say grass-fed tastes better, too. The conclusion that Mark Shatzer reached in his book, Steak: One Man's Search for The Tastiest Piece of Beef, was if you want the best steak, make it grass-fed.

As Michael Pollan says, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." That sounds pretty good to me!

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