Watch This Inspirational Video About How We Can All Dream Bigger

Watch This Inspirational Video About How We Can All Dream Bigger Hero Image

Diagnosed with bone cancer at age 15, I spent a decade in and out of the hospital. The doctors told me I'd need lung surgery every two years for the rest of my life. Now, not only have I been cancer free for almost six years, I've become a role model of what it means not just survive, but to thrive.

This mini film is a celebration of how we can all dream bigger — not just for ourselves but for our whole world.

As I balanced barefoot among the rocks in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. (trying not to think about the crew's safety chat on snakes and scorpions), I thought about how lucky I am. There were so many steps along the way where I could've said "I can't" and stayed home. Every time I said yes, amazing people who believed in me and who've had a bigger vision of what I could do in this world stepped forward — from my mom who went vegan with me after my fourth recurrence of bone cancer, to the yoga teachers who insisted I could become a yoga teacher too, to the talented woman who designed my website, to the director who brought together the crew for this film and made an idea a reality.

My hope is that you see this and realize you, too, can be a barrier breaker and a stereotype smasher!


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