8 Reasons To Get Off The Couch & Go For A Run

Written by Kelly Sheehan

Today, I had every intention of lacing up my sneakers the second I woke up and hitting the street for a run. Those good intentions, though, quickly failed as my stomach grumbled and my eyelids began drooping once I was up.

By the time I finished my work and chores for the day, it ended up taking until 4 p.m. to finally round up the will to go outside and get in my run.

While I was out, I asked myself: why do I run? What makes me break my momentum and voluntarily force my body into 45 minutes of discomfort and sweat?

The answers to these questions immediately flooded my brain. Below are 8 reasons why I run:

1. To unplug.

When I go for a run, I leave my iPod, my laptop, my phone (unless I’m in an unfamiliar area), and all other technologies that we're constantly bombarded with and I just go.

I listen to my surroundings: the birds chirping, the owls hooting, the wind blowing. Leaving the technology at home and focusing on the here and now is 100 percent worth it.

2. To meditate.

When I run, I notice my body tensing up and my thoughts getting jumbled. I actively tell myself to breathe, to smile. I take a huge breath and enjoy the run and the endorphins running free.

3. To explore.

Especially while traveling, I like to see my surroundings and really dive into the new community or culture through running. There’s no better time to get lost than during a run.

4. To boost endorphins.

5. To sweat.

I always say it’s essential to earn your shower. There’s no better way to break a good sweat without realizing it than a good run.

6. To be outdoors.

Getting outside, especially in the winter, completely changes the dynamic of your entire day. Starting the day with some sunshine and fresh air enables you to remain concentrated through the rest of your day and allows you to sleep well at night.

7. To be a part of a community.

Runners are a kind of their own, and you can always find community when running a race, doing a workout, or needing motivation to get out the door with a friend or a running group.

8. To progress.

There’s no better feeling than setting a new personal record. Whether during a race or just your average workout, doing better than before and progressing with your running time, endurance and technique is a great feat.

Whether you're starting from the couch or from the finish line, lace up your sneakers and go. You'll thank yourself, and you may just discover even more reasons why you should love to run.

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