How I Used Art To Lose More Than 60 Pounds

Written by Katrina Love Senn

Do you often catch yourself seeking comfort in food? Comfort eating is a result of using food to suppress unwanted feelings or emotions. Left unaddressed, comfort eating can result in health problems and ultimately weight gain.

Rather than suppressing awkward, uncomfortable or painful emotions with food, a much healthier thing to do is to find ways of expressing these feelings creatively.

Expressing old thoughts and feelings can stop comfort eating patterns from being triggered.

Comfort eating is something that I suffered through for many years. After choosing to go on my own personal healing journey, I finally discovered the key to freeing myself from this abusive cycle. I lost over 60 pounds in the process and have kept it off for over 15 years now.

In this article I will share three simple creative healing tools that can help you to break free of your comfort eating.

1. Journal your feelings.

Journaling is an amazing tool to help process your everyday life experience. This tool can help you express the things that would otherwise be repressed.

Sit quietly in a comfortable place, with your pen and journal and just allow yourself to write freely for 15 minutes. The key here is to write without censorship. Give yourself permission to express your feelings fully.

Simply write down whatever thoughts and feelings come up for you. Writing your feelings down on paper breaks the hypnotic spell of them spinning around in your mind.

2. Draw your feelings.

Take a big piece of paper and some colored crayons, pencils or pens.

Allow yourself to just draw whatever you are thinking or feeling. Don’t worry about trying to make your page look good. This is not an exercise to help you become the next Picasso!

The name of the game is just to get your unprocessed feelings out of your body and onto the page. As you draw, you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more at home in your body. The lighter you feel, the more clarity you’ll gain about your comfort eating patterns and your life.

If you're having fun with this exercise, you can also repeat it using your non-dominant hand.

3. Paint your feelings.

When I was in my 20s I made the bold decision to go to art school. The philosophy of my art school is that everyone has the ability to create.

What I have discovered through my own healing work is that many people become disconnected from their natural creative impulses. Once people have the time and space to reconnect with the joy of their natural creativity, they often find that the urge to comfort eat just naturally disappears.

A great way to start painting is to go to a local art class or to buy a painting kit from your local arts and crafts store.

You can stop comfort eating and start healing today.

As you reconnect back to your natural creativity and inner wisdom within, you will be able to naturally release the thoughts and feelings that trigger comfort eating.

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