Q & A with Laura Day: Best-Selling Author and A-List Intuitive, on How You Can Develop Your Intuition

Interested in developing your sixth sense? Then talk to Laura Day, best-selling author and "intuitive" who works with Fortune 500 corporations, Wall Streeters, and Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, and Patricia Arquette.

Day began her career as a professional intuitive in the early 1990s, after her marriage ended. She had to support her son, so she asked a friend on Wall Street if he wouldn't mind compensating her for the great stock tips she gave him. The rest is history.

In 1997, she published the first of what would be many best-selling books, Practical Intuition. Day has been featured in publications such as Newsweek, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and People. She has also appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, and Good Morning America. Laura counts numerous corporations as clients and even trains members of the Harvard Business School Network of Women Alumnae to use their intuition and develop their sixth sense — a sense that we all have.

MindBodyGreen: When did you first discover your intuitive ability?

Laura Day: I wouldn't say I ever "discovered" my intuitive ability. At a certain point, I discovered that everyone else didn't experience the world the same way I did — and then, of course, went about a lifetime of converting them. There is a thin line between pathology, mental illness, and intuition. For me, the defining moment was when different researchers tested my intuitive ability-now 30 years ago — and I had proof that what I saw, even in the future, or in someone else's mind or body, actually existed in the physical world (or would). My favorite saying is "The only difference between 'psychic' and 'psychotic' is that your information is accurate (most of the time)."

MBG: Can you explain the difference between "belief" and "intuition"?

LD: If you have to believe in something for it to work, your belief works — not the thing you are believing in.

Intuition is a tool — a natural ability that all human beings have. We're all using our intuition all of the time, whether or not we believe in it. The problem is that, as easily as intuition can help us make positive choices, it can also provide the incorrect information that fuels our next mistake, leads us to pick the wrong vitamin, doctor, stock, lover, etc.

Until you make your use of intuition conscious, it'll be driven by the same subconscious that tells you all those terrible things about yourself and the world all the time. (Have you ever listened to your own thoughts for ten seconds?) It is important to work on all the parts of self, intuition, emotion, intellect, patterns, the subconscious, to correctly direct intuition toward your positive goals.

MBG: How can we develop our own intuition?

LD: The first step is to recognize where intuition has provided accurate information in the past. It can be a simple thing like knowing who is on the other end of the phone (without caller ID), to having a feeling that a friend you hadn't spoken to in ages needed a call, or an urge to sell your oil stocks that you acted on. (Memory is tricky — you really know intuition by the things you document or act on.) Most of the correct decisions you make in life, you really don't have enough information, data, or experience to make correctly. Take apart your decisions and you will see how much intuition has played a role in your decision-making.

MBG: What are some techniques we can use to develop our intuition for our relationships?

LD: There is something I call "body heat telepathy" in my new book, How to Rule the World from Your Couch. What it asks you to do is use your intuition to go to the place in a person or a field of people (i.e., people I would share a good and loving life with) and experience what in you they would respond to. You then need to practice being in those parts of yourself so that you can send a strong signal.

Often, in relationships, parts of intuition can get us in trouble, as we can merge with the other person's experience of the world and lose our own needs and objectivity. I have to say that relationships are where I have to work the hardest in my own life, as I so easily take on the will and wishes of others as my own and fall into another's dance! However, we all have blind spots and we don't see what the heart can't bear. That is why readings, healings from others, and sometimes good therapy can be very useful. The Circle helps you act on what you need without always having to "see" what might be too much for you, so that when it is time to know, you are prepared.

MBG: Do you have a process to help maintain your abilities or prepare for a reading with a client?

LD: I distract myself — chew gum, doodle, forget the client's name — and follow my attention to wherever it goes, and then I report the information I receive as I am receiving it. When I follow something full circle, I will have often come up with a way to make something very workable that at its outset seemed unworkable. It is important not to judge what you are saying or try to understand it as you are saying it. Intuition leads you.

With my regular clients, I know when something is going on with them (or will go on) that I should alert them to. They do not always appreciate the intrusion, so I try to edit! For the person who is beginning to use intuition consciously in their life and work, it's important to do your intuitive practice in the same state that you will need it. In other words, don't take a deep breath, close your eyes and go Zen; chances are that when you need to think, act, or facilitate, it's not going to be when you are meditating on a mountaintop. Intuition should be part of your awareness all of the time.

MBG: In The Circle, you discuss the importance of wishing in a way the Circle will respond to. Could you please elaborate on why the language we use is so important?

LD: If you cannot experience your wish with all of your senses, then you are not using all of your power of telepathy to create it. The world around us hears and responds to us through our senses. The more strongly you can use all of your senses to "send," the more quickly and powerfully you will attract your wish to you. We are actually not a very sensual culture (we are more cerebral, peak-experience), and it is through the senses that we attract most powerfully.

MBG: Can you explain New Reality?

LD: A New Reality is simply the practice of making a wish present for you — making it real. It leads to the practice of using all of your senses to experience a new you and a new life-experiencing your wish, making it come true in the present. This is not an easy thing to do. The first thing that you experience is every obstacle, internal and external, that can get in the way. It takes a long time to embody a new reality. I don't believe in the "click your heels three times and you are in Kansas" theory of change.

MBG: Do you have a favorite quote?

LD: "I am not what happened to me ... I am what I choose to become." — Carl Jung.

MBG: What's your favorite way to relax?

LD: I love to be at home with my son and our friends. Home for me is my place of peace and my family — another favorite quote being, "A family is a circle of friends who love you." I like to be the woman, the mom, and the down-to-earth cook…on my couch. I am blessed — so grateful and blessed with the people in my life. I also go out with my students after workshops and events, and I can just kick-back and really be with them, speaking the same language of intuition, healing, and…well…all the wicked, fun things people talk about.

MBG: If it was your Last Supper, what would your last meal be? Where would the meal be? Who would you like to be there (past/present/future)?

LD: I am more of a cook (a chef would be too lofty) than I am an eater. My nourishment comes more from scent (jasmine, rosemary, rose, gardenia) and touch — I love when my audience hugs me after an event and the sharing of intimacy that reading provides. I think everyone's story is interesting. I am grateful to be in a field where people let me in. I would have my Last Supper on my couch, having prepared everyone's favorite dish perfectly, curled up with people I love.

MBG: Please tell us about your new book, How to Rule the World from your Couch.http://www.howtoruletheworldfromyourcouch.com/

LD: How to Rule the World from Your Couch has powerful techniques to communicate and guide the world around you. It's made to throw people into the nonlinear, but highly accurate and data-rich world of intuition and then give them the linear crutch. I am very excited to see others learning and teaching using this book.

It is important to carefully consider what you really want in your life and to choose. One thing power teaches you is that you need to be very selective about what you choose. When you experience your power in How to Rule the World from Your Couch, it hopefully inspires caution, selectivity, and generosity through the proof that you have the power to attract, at will, what you need. Why keep extra in your storeroom when there is so much to share and always more when you need it?

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