5 Pickup Lines You Should Never Use On A Yoga Teacher

Who wants to date a yoga teacher?

Everyone. OK, that’s not totally true. But as a single and dating yogini, I’ve been asked out more than a few times by people who are curious and intrigued about the karmic world but sometimes say all the wrong things. Here are five things you probably shouldn’t ask a yoga teacher that you're interested in dating. Surprisingly, these come up all the time.

1. "Hey maybe you can give me a private lesson sometime?"

Yoga is my job. As yoga instructors, most of us are extremely fortunate to earn our living doing what we love. That being said, offering free private lessons in our spare time isn’t really great for business or personal relationships. If the goal is to watch your yogi crush bend over in stretchy pants in a more intimate setting, try one of those amateur models at American Apparel.

2. "I bet you’re really flexible."

Maybe. Some of us are, some of us aren’t. But for the most part it takes being warmed up physically and calm-minded mentally to get into challenging, flexibility-requiring asana. Curb that imagination, hot shot, I don’t want to downward-facing doggy style with you on our first date.

3. "I can’t even touch my toes."

Sure, being physically active and looking the part is very attractive, but our first date probably won’t a fit test. It’s OK. Can you hold a conversation? That’s really what’s important!

4. "So do you do all that weird breathing stuff?"

Yes. Yogis breathe. Turtles breathe. Spider monkeys breathe. We all breathe. It's part of what keeps us alive. Diaphragmatic exercises or experimenting with different breath techniques and rhythms is not something a person wants to be made to feel insecure about. Breathing is completely natural and normal.

5. "I want to see you do yoga. Can I watch you?"

It’s not a show. If you want that privilege, take my online classes or video tutorials. I just want to hang out. Yoga is not a spectator sport. For many regular yoga practitioners, yoga is part of their lifestyle and routine. It is part of their body, mind and spirit maintenance. Asking someone to watch them practice yoga it like asking to watch them while they shave, or drink tea or read their favorite book.

Asking out a single yoga teacher is a great idea if you’re crushing on him or her! But be mindful of how you approach him or her. Accidentally demeaning the industry or objectifying the person you’re trying to go out with might result in a speedy rejection.

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