5 Fun Ways To Motivate Yourself To Move Your Bod

You want to exercise but sometimes your motivation wanes. Your day takes on a life of its own, and before you know it, the sun is setting and your workout just didn't happen. It happens to all of us. If you want to make sure too many days don't fly by without a workout, here are some fun tips to give you that extra little push!

1. Browse Pinterest.

You don't have to devote hours to creating your own Pinterest page to reap the benefits from this fun social media site. You can browse Pinterest for fun workouts, inspirational images of athletic bodies, yoga poses and fitness quotes, or peruse tropical places you want to visit. Since Pinterest is full of recipes and healthy cooking ideas, you can use those pictures for more than just dinner ideas — let what you see inspire you to make healthy lifestyle decisions ... you know, like increasing your physical activity! And if you're not on Pinterest, pick up your favorite magazine and get inspired.

2. Buy a new outfit.

New workout leggings, great jeans, a running top, a new dress or an awesome new bathing suit in your closet can really be the not-so-subtle reminder you need to move that bod! Figure out what new clothing item will motivate you to stick to that workout.

3. Schedule a date night.

Nothing can make a date night better with your significant other than loving how you feel about yourself. Plan an evening to remember in the not-so-distant future and use it as your friendly kick in the pants to workout. When you invest in your own health, you're automatically investing in the health of your relationship, too. How cool is that?

4. Plan a professional photo shoot.

Maybe the selfie isn't for you, but you'd love to schedule a beautiful family portrait. Set it up and use that date to motivate you to look your best by X date. That way you'll be sure to love the photo.

5. Tap into how you feel post-workout.

People who workout regardless of their mood or current emotion tend to workout more. If you are tired or slipping into justification mode for not workout out, remind yourself of how you feel post-workout. Full of energy? Proud of yourself for devoting the time? Sweaty and happy? Exhilarated? Strong? Good sore? Use the positive way you feel post-workout to pull you past any excuse. You'll be happy when your actions match your intentions! Your body will benefit, too!

What's your secret to keep your motivation going? Chime in below. And if you haven't moved your body today, what are you waiting for?

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