Why You Shouldn't Be Too Hard On Yourself If You Still Have Winter Blues

Has winter been hard on you? I know; it’s been hard on me too!

It's officially the beginning of spring. Thank goodness! Our days are getting longer. The light is brighter. We hear the birds chirping louder. The air doesn’t feel so brisk anymore. And we begin to realize that there are colors other than black in our wardrobe. Sigh …

I know: your favorite place in town has become your couch, your closet looks like a battlefield, the pile of papers on your desk grows faster than your green plant, and your tax papers are still sitting there. You haven’t called your friend from college for about six months, and the list of emails that you haven’t responded to is longer than your grocery shopping list. You can’t remember when the last time you went for a walk outside was. You’ve definitely become awesome at fast-walking and avoiding snowy gray puddles, but you’ve been staring at the stain on your right shoe more often than you lifted up your head to gaze at the moon.

I feel you! And so does the friend from college you haven’t called forever, and pretty much everyone around you.

In the middle of the confusion, the cozy blankets and the heaviness of the season, there is a wonderful treasure: YOU! Let me remind you!

Let me remind you that everything you do that makes you so beautiful. Let me remind you that all the crossed-out items on your daily to-do list are not only chores and errands that you knocked down, they're the manifestations of your power and determination to take action and to live to the fullest.

Let me remind you that all the daily habits you have, all you do for others and for yourself are worth a round of applause and a celebration of YOU.

So lift up your chin and thank yourself! Thank yourself for your self-care!

Yes, maybe it was cold and gray, but you still had clean clothes to wear every day. You massaged your feet and hands with deliciously scented oils to keep your skin nourished and soft. You slept a little longer when you could.

It may seem to you that it's nothing special. Yes, it is! It is self-care and self-care is so necessary to our well-being and happiness. By taking care of ourselves, we reinforce an inner strength very important in the blossoming of our full potential.

Thank yourself for your service!

Yes, maybe at times you gave in and ordered in, but your children always had a healthy meal on the table. If you ask them, chances are that they LOVED eating Chinese noodles out of a plastic box! You kept the common space clean for your roommate; you replaced the broken zipper on your partner’s favorite winter coat. Stop beating yourself up, you did awesome!

Your every day service to your surrounding is not a given. It is a commitment that you make to show up and to take care of others. Your service is a gift. By putting ourselves in the service of others, we embrace our longing for selfless actions; we devote ourselves to the well-being of others.

Thank yourself for your self-discipline!

Just like you, I had a hard time getting on my yoga mat some days, but I made it! You went to your spin class, you ran on the treadmill, you took dance classes, you went to the gym. YOU DID IT!

When life becomes more challenging, we do the best we can.

Yoga teaches us to trust, that after the darkness comes the light, that every step along the way is part of our spiritual journey.

With the arrival of spring, we’ll find the energy to clean our closets, call our friends, get our taxes done (yikes!), and look up at the sky. We’ll be able, behind the clouds, to see the light from above reflecting our own.

You are strong, powerful, amazing and you do the best you can!

Under the darkness of this fading winter, know and trust that your light is ready to shine though!

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