Russell Brand: Meditation Can Help At-Risk Kids

Russell Brand is teaming up with David Lynch with the goal of ensuring "that any child in America who wants to learn and practice the Transcendental Meditation program can do so." He's raising funds on Crowdrise and below is a personal note from Russell. There's even a great video from David Lynch beneath Russell's note.


Last year, I attended a 4-day Transcendental Meditation course and it has played a major part in the many positive changes in my life. I’m living in a disciplined way, quite naturally, doing lots of yoga, exercise and meditation.I truly believe first hand that this practice does wonders with your mind, body and soul. Now daily practice is putting distance between myself and addiction. It’s not half good. They give you a mantra and teach you how to use it right … You feel attuned to a field of consciousness that is beyond your individual identity—and beyond life.The David Lynch Foundation has the immediate goal of teaching Transcendental Meditation to one million at-risk youth. The Foundation has already provided more than 100,000 scholarships for students to learn to meditate, as well as inmates and guards in prisons, formerly homeless men in re-entry programs, soldiers with PTSD returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and American Indians suffering from diabetes.With this meditation, the David Lynch Foundation is helping students and others relieve themselves of serious stress. The Foundation hopes they will carry the practice throughout their lives. Transcendental Meditation is not a religion or philosophy and does not involve concentration, control of the mind, or change in lifestyle.I have experienced how Transcendental Meditation has affected my own life--and I have met many students who meditate and heard how it has improved their lives. Your contributions will be used by the Foundation to provide scholarships for students in-need so they can learn to meditate and gain these benefits as well.Please help support David Lynch's Foundation by DONATING and JOINING MY TEAM to HELP FUNDRAISE for this important cause.Even the smallest donation makes great strides to improving and adding programs.Thank you. Russell

See more from David Lynch on Meditation for At-Risk Kids below.

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