12 Ways To Tap Into Your Spirit Team's Healing Powers

Written by Robbie Holz

I’m a strong believer in engaging spirit guides and angels in my daily life. I don’t just use their help just for finding parking spaces — I solicit them for anything and everything. In particular, my spiritual team is immensely helpful during the process of healing.

Here are 12 simple steps to help engage the powerful and loving assistance of a spiritual entourage in restoring your health:

1. Ask.

Yes, it’s that simple. Use your mind to ask your team of angels for their help, otherwise they aren’t allowed to step in and intervene. Delegate the healing process to them and let them guide you to health. Release your mind’s controlling desire to know when and how you will be healed.

2. Get to the root.

Your angelic team won’t fix the alarm system (illness) going off in your body until you've gotten its message and rectified the reason the alarm (emotional and physical pain) went off in the first place. Solicit their help to discover an emotional core and find where you are out of balance. (My smoke detector went off as I was writing this one. You gotta love their sense of humor!)

3. Focus on what you want.

Ask them to help you let go of your mind’s fears, obstacles and limitations. Solicit them to help you stay positive and restore health from a state of gratitude, joy and love.

4. Surrender.

Request assistance from your guides in detaching from emotional triggers that create toxic responses from you such as guilt, stress or anger. Hand over the situation and ask them to help you find compassion or acceptance.

5. Listen.

The more you quiet the chatty mind, the more you can feel the subtle, inner guidance of your spiritual entourage. Meditation is a great way to calm the mind and access infinite knowledge.

6. Watch for signs.

Your guides will give you information at the best time to help you heal. Maybe it will come in the form of a class, book, or practitioner who can enhance your healing.

7. Be willing.

Your spirit guides will not tell you that you must do something. They will only make suggestions. It’s your choice. I highly recommend you follow their suggestions because they love you beyond your wildest imagination, and they know what’s in your best interest in the bigger picture.

8. Take action.

Ask your guides to show you the steps that will move you forward and also motivate you (in a fun, easy, gentle way). If you need to exercise, for example, invite them to help you find an enjoyable way to get moving, provide a walking partner or keep you energized.

9. Keep asking.

Tell your spiritual entourage what you need every step of the way. For example, ask them to help you be kind to yourself as you break old patterns and create healthy, new habits. Summon their assistance to keep you in the present moment and not worrying about the future.

10. Love yourself.

Call on your guides to help you develop higher levels of self-love and self-worth. Let them show you ways to be a better partner to your amazing body.

11. Stay tenacious.

Most people fail to sustain their thoughts and actions long enough to see results. Ask your guides to help you remain steadfast and patient on the path to wellness, and for help maintaining a sense of knowing and excitement. Healing is taking place!

12. Express Gratitude.

Thank your beautiful spirit team for their loving service to you. They support and guide you more than you’ll ever know. Send them some love!

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