8 Life Lessons From Candy Crush

You know in between running to the gym, cooking a nutritious meal, or waiting for a yoga class to start, you just can’t stay away from the addiction of playing Candy Crush. This sneaky diversion not only challenges our gaming skills but if you look closely there are some strategy lessons that can be applied to other areas of your life.

1. Keep playing.

You never hear anyone say, “I’m still stuck at level one.” That’s ridiculous! Everyone progresses at their own individual pace. Just because someone seems to advance faster than you does not mean you should judge yourself as “not good” or that you should give up. If you enjoy what you’re doing, just keep going.

2. Believe in magic.

You’ve been stuck on the same level for a week, if not longer! Day and night, you use all your tries and even pay for an extension once in awhile. And just when you’re frustrated, tired and your efforts seem hopeless, suddenly all the elements that you need appear and you’re finally on to the next level. Out of the blue!

Breakthroughs happen when we least expect them because there is a mysterious power that’s working to manifest our desires. The problem is it’s wiser than us so we have to continue to repeat #1. It knows when we’ve learned what we need to and what the perfect time is to let us move forward.

3. Surrender control.

No matter how thoughtful you are or how carefully you study your choices, you’re never going to be done, until you’re done. It’s not up to you. Patience and faith are interconnected. When we have faith, we have the endurance to stay the course. When we begin to doubt if what we want will transpire, we become impatient. When it’s meant to be it happens. See #2.

4. Go with your gut.

Just because the computer gives suggestions on what your next move should be doesn’t mean you have to take it. Sometimes I’ve found other maneuvers that were more effective for the game I was playing than what the program proposed. The greatest power we have is that of the choices we make that are right for us; that step by step, guide us on a unique path to exploring and discovering what is most authentic to our being. When we resign that authority, we risk becoming an imitation of that which we were meant to be.

It’s rare that an external source can truly comprehend what will fulfill the complex matrix of what our personalities, hearts, and spirits truly desire. If we rely too much on other’s opinions for what’s “the best,” we may miss an opportunity that’s better suited for our character. That might be finding a new dessert, a foreign place, or living an alternative lifestyle. Take a minute to look around for yourself and what supports your character.

5. Change your tactics.

Whether filling orders, breaking jelly, or killing the growing chocolate we have to look at each situation’s unique need. Applying sweeping, blanket policies of, “I never _____,” or “I have to be _____ to be accepted,” leave us constricted and confined to strict boundaries. When we’re flexible and objective, we get out of the way of ourselves and are free to experience something that could be transformative.

6. Try and Try Again.

Ugh! You failed AGAIN!!! We can get paralyzed in analyzing the “could of, would of, should of” of what we think was an “error.” Yet that’s actually the ego talking in its search for perfection. It’s only in hindsight that we gain insight. We have to trust we did what we could with the information we had at the time. We never get an exact duplicate of the situations and circumstances we’ve been in. There’s always something that is a little different. So how can we anticipate exactly how to react in a way that’s flawless? We can’t…

7. Use what you have.

It’s so easy to spend our energy wishing we had more of what we think we need. We all want to be basked in the riches of color bombs, striped candy, and sugar crushes but yearning for something that isn’t before us is living in an imaginative state. Whether it will come true or not; only time will tell. But to keep manifesting any prosperity, we have to be present and grateful for what we do have and utilize it in resourceful and creative ways that support our goals.

8. Celebrate your success.

It’s easy to knuckle down in the pursuit of our ambitions but it’s important to look back at your achievements. They are part of the reason why you are where you are. So for each step that’s completed, take a minute to congratulate yourself on your discipline, patience, courage, fortitude, and perseverance before moving on to the next level.

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