How To Open Your Hips In 2 Minutes (Video)

Written by Julie Wilcox

Take two-and-a-half minutes today to nurture yourself and your hips!

In this very short video, I lead you through a sequence of postures that will help open your hips. It's super important to keep your hips mobile throughout life. The hip structure often governs our posture and whether or not we are comfortable in our bodies. Tight hips can cause rounding of the spine, hunched shoulders and may be the source of aches and pains throughout the back, shoulders, neck, knees, ankles.

Moreover our posture reveals many secrets about how we feel about ourselves. It's time to be confident and show the world you love yourself by standing tall!

This sequence targets the hamstrings, quadriceps and inner thigh muscles. The class includes a sun salute, half moon pose, standing split, knee lunge, downward facing dog and child's pose. If you have more time, you can enhance the benefits of the sequence by repeating it up to three times.

Once you commit the sequence to memory, you can also play around with holding each poster for longer. The knee lunge and child's pose are especially effective to hold for two minutes each.

How to make this work if you're newer to yoga

Please note that this is not a beginner's sequence. If you are newer to yoga, modify the chaturangas by stepping back and lowering all the way to the ground. Then, do a cobra instead of an up dog. Use a block for half moon or a wall if you need one.

You can pulse your upper leg a little in the standing split to ease into deeper flexibility and tone your buttocks. (Listen to your body to make sure you are gentle and working within your boundaries!)

If you need to support yourself with your hands on the ground in the knee lunge (with or without yoga blocks), this helps lessen the intensity of the pose. You may also place a blanket under your knee as a cushion.

Finally, for child's pose, if you have trouble sitting on your heels, you can roll a blanket and place it across the back of your knee creases. Do the same for under the tops of your feet if they cannot lay flat on the ground. If your neck has to pitch down to get your forehead to touch the ground place a block under your forehead.


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